An Eastman tool is a tool operated by an extra mechanism and source of power, as opposed to only manual labor that is used for hand tools. Most common types of Eastman tools are used in electric motors. It also includes compressed air. Some other sources of power include natural sources like moving water or wind, direct burning of fuels as well as propellants. The tools which are mainly run by animal are not Eastman Tools. Eastman Shop has a wide variety ranging all the Eastman tools online with an accurate estimation for all the customers.

Eastman tools are used in the garden, industry, for housework, in construction and for domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning. Eastman tools are used for cutting, drilling, driving sanding, shaping, routing, grinding, painting, polishing, heating, and more and these Eastman tools make our work easier and can be done within a period of time.

Eastman Tools are among the most time-saving tools ever created. By using the process of combustion, they can complete tasks which traditional hand tools may take time or sometimes unable to do. One can source power tools online. Eastman tools come in two categories: portable or stationary. Portable implies handheld. These portable power tools have advantages in mobility. But stationary tools have accuracy and speed. Stationary Eastman tools are typically big and unable to move. Portable tools like Eastman Tools are lightweight and can be used while being held by human hands. Eastman tools can also be classified as per their purpose and they are as follows:

Chain Saw: They are the ubiquitous power tool. Used to trim branches and cut trees, special versions are also available for cutting concrete and stone. These portable Eastman tools make use of ultimate small engine for pulling a bladed chain through a slotted guide bar. 

Drills:  They help in the fast cutting of circular holes. Types are cordless, portable drill and stationary drill press. Cordless drills may be fitted with adapters to drive screws or torque bolts or even be used as sanders.

Joiners:   Joiners use a saw blade to cut a thin slot into a piece of wood. The same type of slot is cut into another wood piece and the two wood pieces are joined together by fitting the slots together.

Jointer:   This tool uses special blades to cut the surface off a wood piece, rendering it flat.

Lathes:  They can be shaped in such a way that they can easily hold spin materials. Powered lathes can help the user focus attention on work rather than turning the spindle.

Nail Guns:  These tools push out nails, maneuvering them onto wood and other materials. They work faster than the traditional hammer.

Torque Wrench : To turn nuts and bolts, powerfully and evenly more quickly then this wrench uses compress air.

Sanders : They help in smoothing a surface by rubbing another rough surface on its top. They are the most different type of tools and come in versions like drum sanders, mouse sanders, disc sanders and belt sanders.