5 Useful Health Tips For Full Time Bloggers

Finally you have decided to blog seriously…….that you should because you have committed to make it worth of you efforts and desires. But along side you should always take care of your health. Since I stated staring at my screen, I have felt that I have learned SEO, Adsense, Digital Marketing and a lot more but was loosing my health as well. And millions of like me might too are on the same path to achieve success in this profession. But what is worth of that money if not able to encash it. Here I am going to discuss some tips and techniques to keep you healthy while keep committed to your work. These health tips serious bloggers should always follow.

5 Health tips Serious Bloggers should always follow

1. Make a blue print of your daily routine

This is what going to help you a lot to distinguish your work and rest time. Write down every activity you planning in day and give sufficient time to your body to rest in between. Thus you will be able to finish more work in less time. History says , A successful man always do planning and moreover ‘Failing to plan is Planning to fail’. Include daily morning exercise for 30 minutes in your routine. Write down clearly how many post you have write today(Preferably one). Don’t try to add too much to your list. Keep it viable for a day.

2. Checklist of Morning Exercise you need to follow

Lets see how morning checklist defines your day-

  1. 500ml (16 ounces) of water first thing in the day.
  2. Some sort of physical movement to tell your body that the day has started means quick 5-minute walk.
  3. Conduct your exercise or Practice Yoga.
  4. Expose your body to Sun for 10-15 minutes because you may not get chance to do it in mid day or could not do because of heat.
  5. Some Deep breathing exercises to keep your brain healthy. Mind and body coordination exercises are great for you.
  6. Stretch your body and neck.
  7. Have a healthy breakfast.

3. Diet for Computer Geeks

Being a blogger, you don’t need many calories.  Best for you is to cut out the empty calories: sugar, starch, refined carbohydrates like bread and white rice.  Go as light as possible on these as they will elevate your blood sugar, your body will responds by upping its insulin and you’ll get sleepy.  More importantly, in 20 years you’ll get type II diabetes.

Smaller, more frequent meals will help you regulate your blood sugar and keep your energy up without crashing from a big meal.

This isn’t really about food, but you should think about getting some exercise if you aren’t already.  Just enough to avoid the diseases associated with inactivity.  It’s highly unlikely that all your time in front of a screen is productive, so cut some of that out and move around.  When you come to a problem that takes more thinking than typing to solve, think while moving around.


Prefer eating whole grain cereal, namely Shredded Wheat, this stuff is packed full of fiber and iron and very low on sugars and other bad agents for you. Avoid taking too much calories.


Around 500-600 calories for lunch with rich fruits, They provide the body with the required amount of nutrients to replenish the brain and also keep the individual overall healthy. Alternatively, the diet for them should not include foods that are very oily, spicy or even fried foods as they tend to result in weight gain which in turn could lead to various other medical conditions .


Keep it like a beggar. That’s it.

4. What should be your work habits

Always prefer to work in comfortably , How-

  1. Use a comfortable chair and table to work on.
  2. Sitting position should be straight.
  3. Wear eye protector preferably a glass to protect your eyes.
  4. Maintain proper distance between screen and you.
  5. Stare at somewhere else after 20 minutes of screen for 30 seconds.
  6. Make you hand in “L” position while holding mouse. It will keep your hand relaxed.
  7. Have proper lighting in room where you working.
  8. Take your break and utilize it properly.Stare at somewhere for sometime constantly.
  9. Have water or coffee at regular intervals
  10. Relax in between by leaning back on your chair and take deep breaths.

5. Please follow these after work habits

After work time is mere a key to reducing fatigue and mental stress,Make it work for you here-

  1. Plan your weekends for outings with friends or dear ones.
  2. Give proper time to your family.
  3. Don’t share your family time with your computer.
  4. Define working hours if you are at home worker. Ask your partner to cooperate you and try not to disturb you while your work hours.
  5. If you Freelance at weekends, please schedule it and get proper time to enjoy.
  6. Watch movies and hangout a lot.
  7. Be social, the serious concern about bloggers is that they start confining them to isolation due to nature of job.
  8. Play outdoor games daily after work preferably in evening.
  9. Take proper sleep. 7-8 hours sleep is mandatory for we brain burners.
  10. Avoid alcohol and smoking if possible.

I think I have tried to explain some important health ideas for bloggers or for those who have screen mania . Please comment below for any suggestion.

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