May be or may not be, I have researched a lot on this topic and came to some conclusions, and I guess you too find the same conclusions after reading all of this. 

Mumbai bomb blast - March 1993 (Master mind Dawood Ibrahim) 

Divya Bharti death - April 1993 

Vivek Jung Rana's answer to What is the truth behind bollywood actress Divya Bharti's death?

Divya Bharti replaced by sridevi in lots of movies. (example Ladla) 

Strange connection between Sridevi and Divya Bharti: From similar looks to 'Laadla' actress replacing Divya

Sridevi stayed in Dubai to meet her sister srilatha whereas her husband Bony Kapoor returned to India. 

Sridevi died in Dubai in hotel jumeirah. Sridevi’s death: Dubai prosecutor closes case, body given to family

Now something about Dawood, It is rumored that Dawood also lives in Dubai and few years back his property in UAE  worth rupees 15000 crore was seized. Watch this.

Then I have found that Dawood has secretly married bollywood actress and couple had one son who is living in Bangalore with that actress's sister. 

Read article below 

Secret Revealed: Dawood Ibrahim married a Bollywood actress, has a son in Bengaluru? 

Now, recently a news came that sridevi's sister  srilatha was given sridevi's Chennai house and she has asked to stay away from all these things. 

Sridevi’s Sister Srilatha Didn’t Break Her Silence On The Actress’ Death, Here’s Why

In this article it has mentioned that srilatha has husband named Satish whereas in another article I have found that Satish is sridevi's stepbrother. 

Read article below where it has written that Satish was unknown personality in sridevi's life and he was not there during her funeral. 

Satish Yanger (Sridevi Brother) Wiki-Age-Family-Height-Weight and More - Biographia

Now, here one article says that Satish is srilatha's husband whereas one article says he is sridevi's step brother, the real question is who he is and why his identity kept hidden? 

And Now suddenly Dawood is ready to surrender?

 There are few questions that can be raised ,like, 

#Why sridevi’s corpse wrapped in tricolor? 

Though they have mentioned in the title but no reason is given in the article below. 

Everyone Asking Why Sridevi Was Wrapped In Tricolor During Last Journey. Here's The Reason

#who was the bollywood actress that Dawood got secretly married and what is the identity of Satish, who he is? 

#who is the sister of that bollywood actress that is living with above mentioned couples son? 

#Sridevi stayed at Dubai  to meet whom? 

#why sridevi death cause is accidental drowning? 

#why Satish was not there during sridevi's funeral? 

#what could be reason behind sridevi's death? 

#does sridevi felt unconscious and drowned in bathtub or something else. 

#why Dawood is ready to surrender NOW? 

#What could be the connection between these things? 

#why Subramaniyan Swami raised the issue of relationships of bollywood actress's and underworld Don? 

On Sridevi death, Subramanian Swamy brings up Dawood Ibrahim. Twitter rips him apart

All questions remained unanswered but one can guess the answer after going through all of this. 

I cried and haven't slept whole night when I came to know that Sridevi ji is no more. And my 6th sense was kept on telling  me that this can not be a heart attack, there is something else. 

In the end I have just one thing to say, we all miss you Srideviji, may your soul rest in peace.