Do you usually squeeze yourself until your mind tells you to 'STOP'? Or, decipher your own unique meaning to every situation you could possibly ever face? You are easily troubled with the idea that things would not turn out as you wished.(well, well. There is no such thing as perfect going. Isn't it?)Do you feel, sometimes you behave like a chatterbox and the other times you speak just the filtered version? If, these many questions have bombarded your mind and the barrage of these long-winded words seems to baffle you. Then, you do invest time in analyzing yourself (thinking, again?) or wait, Exhale! Release some Carbon-Di-Oxide (relax!). 

You want to come straight to the topic? Like, a serious discussion? But, as already said, isn't what you always do? (Think this. think that. think. think. think).


Firstly, let's make it clear, WE ALL THINK! (Duh! we are called Humans!) They say, over-thinking and procrastinating are just like 'egg' and 'chicken'. Both lead to one another but has anyone ever told you, if you just sit back and do nothing other than thinking! You are an egg! A lazy seed! Yes, a PROCRASTINATOR! ( too offensive?) Wherein, if you are pro-active you are in the 'OVERTHINKING' clan! (Spinning your thoughts again?).

Since, you now know, who you are...let's face it right or wrong? Does it mean 'something' or 'nothing' at all? 


By default, everybody wishes to live up to their name, but, they do rant about how inefficient they are! (Don’t deny, that's human nature! denying too!).

"Thinking is too cliché! Over-thinking is psychoanalysis! Procrastination in your dreams?!?!" (!)

You hear these words and that is what you analyze. Not your fault, because since childhood, deep thinking, thinking out of the box and great thinking have always been appreciated. Take a pause, and try to give your neurons a kick...could such positive thinking 'styles' ever exist if you don't pressurize your brains?  

There is a thin line between deep thinking and over thinking. To over think is to think too much about something (nothing's just a definition) while deep thinking involves in a more philosophical way. So, if you ‘try to think out of the box' and let the shockwaves run through your nerves which may freak you out or as you think it as ‘over-thinking’!?! All great the great thinking and it is nothing but, 'overthinking'!

Wondering why is it seen more as of a problem?

The human brain tends to respond to every visible or invisible, heard or unheard frequency. (scary! Isn’t it?) The negative noise attracts first and thus, leads to anger, stress, and anxiety. Overthinking acts as a mother of twin sisters of 'useful' and 'useless' thinking. If you concentrate on something beneficial, you still 'over-think'( mother role!) but you will be  served this term, now with fancy names such as 'great thinking' or 'deep thinking' and that's the thin line between so-called parts of over-thinking but, sadly, it is known by the mother of the sinner ( the ‘useless’ thinking!).

The difference between 'how to over-think' and 'how to not over-think'

The production of content across untapped genres is somewhat similar to our mind, sometimes, it is a cliché thinking and the other times, a different thinking. Who wins and who loses is very well known to you, right? They all cater to your needs and you mould them accordingly but, what you do is, mix all the ingredients...some spice...some salt… some sugar to make everything right (what? That’s it!?!) And you blend them and here the problem starts! So, a few steps to keep your brain in place and help you

(maybe!) – 

  1. Overthinking to noises needs to be resolved, for it can lead to devastating consequences. The one we called 'psychoanalysis' and that needs to stop!
  2. Accept it, Past cannot be changed (then why call out the graves?).
  3. Life might have screwed you. Fine! But, it screws everybody. Everybody's life is different yet the same ( that’s how we have evolved! Pretentious humans since history).
  4. Fantasizing things before they even start disturbs your peace of mind. So, just go with the flow…


Humans evolved from apes and monkeys are like far-far cousins, but you don't need to have a monkey mind!(you are human. Alright?)

To over-think in search of perfect moment and perfect life makes you flounder in the sea of unhappiness.To make over-thinking as fruitful, it needs to have a vision along with hard work.(understand the difference?)


(YOU HAVE TO swim in between)

“Learn the art of over-thinking and its timing!”

Sometimes to reach the conclusions, you need to churn your mind and find the answers to your questions patiently yet, effectively and That's how history is created.

(remember? hate studying it though!) or, you do ‘The psychic hunching’ which is extreme!(don't spoil the greatness of the ability to over-think). Humans are delusional (agreed!) but, you wish to be visionary(Right?) 

Till then, give yourself a nice plug and cease the extra noise from shining!

Embrace yourself and as you balance between your entrances to the 'brand new room', watch out,

Your uncertain 'epic collapse'.(thinking can save you or, over-thinking?)Whatever it is, keep thinking no matter how trapped you get by spinning in your own thoughts! Because to think is to grow and you should never be afraid of growing! Just don’t stand still!