Gandhiji was a true leader of the masses and his life and teachings are a source of inspiration for our youth. His weapons like 'Satyagraha' and 'Non-cooperation' are still prevalent today. Leaders like Anna Hazare, Nelson Mandela have used these principles to promote rural development,increase government transparency and punish corrupt people. Gandhiji had helped to unite the Hindus and Muslims. His thoughts and teachings are a source of inspiration for the youth.

Non-violence, communal harmony,simple living,truth and high thinking all these principles are relevant in the present times.

It was due his policy to follow the path of truth helped us to get independence.His principles hold relevance even today.Principle of Satyagrah was seen in the Jessica Lal case where peaceful protest in the form of candle march was observed all over the  country and finally we got justice.

India's foreign policy is based on peaceful co-existence and we do not  first indulge in aggression but remain prepared for any eventuality.

His views about sanitation ,women empowerment and basic education hold good even today.He believed in individuality and self-sufficiency which is at its prime even today.

His main goal was women empowerment and today this holds true as women have made their mark in every sphere both nationally and internationally.He wanted a global India and Indians are blooming and leaving their mark everywhere.

He believed there is no better teacher than life itself.He believed children shouldn't be forced to study but they develop an inclination to study.Today we follow this principle as we believe in the holistic development of the child.

Leaders all over the world have followed his principles .His fight for Human Rights and Civil Liberties was adopted by Nelson Mandela.Who too fought for these using Gandhian principles.

His courageous Montgomery bus boycott against racial segregation impressed Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese leader.She understood to follow a doctrine of peace and reconciliation one should be fearless.She was successful during her hostile regime .

His teachings are relevant even today and to deal with problems like terrorism his teachings are ideal.There is no one to match him or his teachings even today.