Bacopa monierri or the Brahmi Booti

Scientific name:Bacopa monnieri

Common name:Water hyssop,hyssop,Indian pennywort,Herb of grace

Native-to wetlands of South India and found all over the world.


The plant is called as' Brahmi' in Hindi  after Brahma the God of creation.In ancient times it was recognized as an important herb which had cognitive abilities.It is considered as a star of Ayurvedic medicine as It has been used to treat mind related health problems.It belongs to a class of herbs which improve memory and intelligence.In the present time it is considered as a 'Nootropic' which is a'smart drug' which enhances memory.

It is non aromatic,perennial,creeping herb

Grows in wet,marshy places

Flowers are small white and purplish in colour

As it can grow in water it is also called aquarium plant


During aging brain degradation occurs and brahmi is the best brain tonic.The bacosides help in the regeneration of brain cells.It has shown good results in treating Alzheimer's disease.

It is also good for liver health.It is a safe,natural detoxifier which removes toxins and promotes proper liver functioning

It is used to maintain normal blood pressure of the body

It is an anti-oxidant and prevents the body against the attack of free radicals and boosts the immune-system

It rejuvenates the mind,enhances memory and improves concentration.It is useful in anxiety and ADH disorders

Brahmi oil and paste are applied on the skin to get a healthy skin and healing of body joints.

It helps to promote good functioning of the digestive system and helps in healing of ulcers and prevents  gastric ulceration

It is used to cure asthma

Brahmi oil is used to prevent hair loss by nourishing the scalp.It prevents alopecia,dandruff,itching and split ends

It is helpful in insomnia by reducing stress

It is a neurological  tonic and helps to cure epilepsy

It is good for voice hoarseness and backaches

Prevents neonatal hypoglycemia

Fights systemic redness and swelling

A few side-effects like nausea,stomach cramps,dry mouth,fatigue and increased bowel movements occur.

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