Pansexuality is a kind of physical, emotional, romantic or even spiritual urge for anyone, heedless of their gender. Although, their openness is often mistaken for bisexuality. Pansexuality shelters under the umbrella of bisexuality. Pansexuality is about fathoming that we have evolved as people and so has the expression of affection and adorance. It makes people understand, the momentum of the passionable urge spectrum is a fluid happening. This does not imply that individuals identified as pansexual are attracted to all, they also have specific preferences.

Some delusions and facts about pansexuality

1. Pansexual and bisexual are not synonyms

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The comprehension of these two terms do overlap but are certainly not equivalent. Being bisexual is when you adore two genders, both men and women. On the other hand, pansexuals get attracted to each and everyone, irrelevant to which gender they belong. They are also referred to as omnisexuals. This dilemma is due to the overlap. There are other genders like cisgender, genderfluid, demigender, etc and not just males and females who fit into the gender binary.

2. People tell you that you are confused

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This one is funny! When people tell you that, you can be sure that they have absolutely no clue about sexuality and gender. They are rather ignorant. There exists a varied spectrum of sexualities. It is not just about the extremes. Pansexuals do not have to decide whether they are straight or gay, but they actually feel free of boundaries to make connections with people of different genders.

3. Pansexuals have their own flag


The Pansexual Pride Flag was generated to enhance the visibility of this side of  the spectrum. The flag was a symbol of acknowledgment to the pansexual community. It has three colors in it. Each color has its own meaning. The blue section represents the male spectrum, the pink section represents the female spectrum, and yellow represents the non binary spectrum of sexuality. 

 4. Pansexual people are treated as the greedy ones 


They are taken as promiscuous or immoral. They confuse it with polyamorous. Being pansexual means you are polysexual and not monosexual. But being polyamorous means that you have a constant craving to keep more than one sexual relationships, at a time. Pansexual people are attracted to different kinds of genders and not all people. Sexual conduct and sexual distinctiveness are two completely different entities, not influential on each other. People who take you as greedy and unfaithful, it says more about their character than yours.

5. You have only dated binary for quite sometime

Society questions your sexuality, if you are constant with your dating. Although, this has nothing to do with your sexuality. People always want justification for you being pansexual and just dating the binary. You don’t have to justify yourself to anybody by being in a relationship with a non binary person. You should be comfortable with your sexuality and not what peer thinks of you.