Fantasy Cricket in India: Gaining Thrust and Popularity

Over the past few years, online fantasy cricket has been the backbone of the Indian sports industry. Fantasy cricket resulted in gaining popularity and greater momentum of growth in India. Fantasy sports are a type of skill-based game which requires knowledge and tactics to create teams with players who are playing in actual real life. These teams gain credit points based on the actual players’ statistical performance in real-life tournaments. The winners are announced based on the leaderboards, the player who climbs the top positions win. 

Long before fantasy cricket games became popular in India, sports consumption among sports fanatics was limited to a passive extent of entertainment in the comfort of one’s home. Fantasy cricket brought about a revolution in the process people engage with their favourite sports. They are no more passive spectators in the sport, indeed they are now active in the field of the event. People tend to engage in their favourite sporting events and fantasy sports platforms fulfil their wishes by facilitating each and everyone to actively participate in the game. 

Fantasy cricket apps like Real11 are bringing about a revolution in the fantasy sports industry. Real11 facilitates its users to use their app which has a user-friendly interface, easy rules, safe privacy policies and swift transaction options. Real11 is being introduced to the field of fantasy cricket in 2019 where there are over 45 fantasy cricket apps in India, made its mark in the field in a very less time. Real11 is now competing for head to head with the top fantasy cricket apps in India. 

India being a cricket crazy nation, takes the game of bat and ball very seriously and it is quite emotional about the game. In such a scenario where cricket dominates the fantasy cricket industry in terms of subscriptions and popularity. People tend to have their own thoughts and opinions regarding the game. Everyone believes they are the expert. So it creates a perfect environment for the fantasy cricket apps to have their effect on the sports lifestyle. People use their own opinions and skills to create their own fantasy teams and join multiple contests to win huge cash rewards. Although nowadays there has been a subsequent rise in the popularity of other sports events like football, kabaddi, badminton, and fantasy cricket still leads the market economy by a large margin and also contributes to facilitative growth of other sports cultures in India.

The Indian Sports market is primarily driven by the increase in digital infrastructure, better internet facilities, rise in mobile internet users, cheap handsets, favourable demographics, rising disposable income, etc. Indian millennials are technologically savvy and they love to explore new boundaries everywhere including in the field of sports. These factors attract investors in this field and are growth driven as well.

Many of us think that fantasy sports have legal issues and are illegal in India. But let me tell you that it is not sports betting. Instead, it is a game of skill and not luck. Thus the legal references work as a catalyst in the growth of a robust ecosystem for fantasy sports to gain momentum and turn to be more engaging for sports fanatics. It is a rapidly growing industry and is expected to expand further at a much higher pace in the near future. 

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