Changing the World

Now, look around yourself should have at least seen one person using or drinking water.

Water is an important substance needed by the body to survive. Water helps in keeping us hydrated and keeps the body clean and healthy. I bet you can’t even imagine a day without water. This is why we need to stop wasting water, many small things can save a lot of water. People might say what about rainwater? No, we can’t depend on rainwater, why you might ask. As many people litter in the water bodies and that same water is evaporated and is condensed as it reaches the cooler layers of air, turning into clouds, as the clouds get heavier with condensed water it rains. But when we through waste and toxic substances into the water bodies. The waste and toxic substances get evaporated with the water, which means the rain is not normal, it is acidic rain which is bad for our skin. Also because of acid rain, the famous monument Taj Mahal which is made out of marble is turning green due to a chemical reaction with marble. To stop all of this disaster we need to stop littering in water and save it.

Few Ways To Save Water

  • WASHING AUTOMOBILES: Many people wash the car/vehicles with a pipe when we use a pipe for about 3 minutes almost 30 liters of water is wasted. To avoid this, let’s try to use a bucket to wash your automobiles.  

  • WATERING PLANTS: When we wash vegetables, fruits and rice to eat . The water can be used again, we can water the plants with the same water as it is more nutritional for the plants.

  • RAINWATER HARVESTING: When it rains we can collect water and purify the water in many different ways and use it. This also saves a lot of water.

  • CLOSE TAPS: According to me turning of tapes is a very important thing to do. You can waste a lot of water by leaving a tap on, so the best is to close the taps after using it.


  • USE THE  BUCKET WHILE BATHE: When we bathe by using the showerhead we waste a lot of water. To reduce that, we can use the bucket, which does not waste as much water as when we use the showerhead.

Thank you!

By: Aditi. Sangishetty