Anime Ultima stands out as the best site to provide free anime content to watch as well as download in an offline mode. This website has amazing features to fascinate any new visitor. Not only it has a wide library of anime content but all serve its users with dubbed videos in multiple languages. 

Can you currently access the website? Anime Ultima is shut down for witnessing excessive traffic on it.  Besides, there are other reasons as well that are responsible for Anime Ultima shut down. Continue to read to know more. 

What does the Anime Ultima offer to you?

  1. has a beautiful interface that makes anime searches pleasant. 
  2. Has a wide collection of anime series and anime movies such as Sailor Moon, Fire Force, Naruto to Baruto: The Next generation, and Kyojin. 
  3. Recent episodes get uploaded without any delay. 
  4. Provision of creating a Wishlist, which contains your favorite anime content. 
  5. Subbed as well as the dubbed version of Anime is available. 
  6. Allows downloading videos in 1080p highest quality. 
  7. Has an anime tracker feature that tracks your actions like what no of episodes you have watched to date. 
  8. Does not require any subscription. Everything can be accessed free on

Why AnimeUltima is not responding?

As one of the best sites to deliver free anime content, it experiences high traffic. Thus, this needs to be maintained properly. If you do not see AnimeUltima working on your system, the site would possibly be under maintenance. 

We recommend you wait until the site gets back to its smooth active form. But what to do until then? You can access your favorite anime content on Anime ultima alternatives