Since the Smartphone industry's jump, we've seen a boom in the rise of United States mobile device production firms. From building product-related apps to games and services, the plunge of apps is increasing at a rapid rate in the current market. US Smartphone device developers set up regularly, so recruiting one for your needs is worthwhile. Businesses are flourishing at tremendous ROI in the production of Smartphone applications.

More than 7000 Smartphone device production firms are committed to developing mobile applications for enterprises in the US market. Software World has compiled a survey to figure out the top US Smartphone device production firms. This list serves as a guide for understanding the best and most reliable mobile app development firms bringing expertise and experience. In this list, you can find the top-rated mobile device development firms in the US for IOS, Android, and cross-platform apps.

Consagous Technologies:

For its best in class product development services, Consagous Technologies enjoys a good reputation in the industry. The business offers reliable software tools for iOS, Android, and Hybrid applications. Consagous is recognized for its excellent business software offerings, including a qualified team of developers and rigorous monitoring. Consagous Technology is headquartered in Texas (USA) and has more than ten years of experience in delivering excellent mobile device development services to different market needs. From their knowledgeable team of experts, you can always expect solutions out of the box.

Atomic Object:

If you're searching for the right tech, partnering with one of the USA's leading software development firms, is critical. Atomic Object is the right choice for companies looking to work smarter and provide their customers with the best services. Atomic Object has the best tools and innovative technology to create smartphones and desktop applications and websites. In the business, Atomic Object is providing its consumers with the best quality.


AppSquadz is a reliable US-based web- and mobile development company. For numerous mobile platforms, the company offers the most exceptional application development services. AppSquadz has accredited experts capable of delivering appropriate resources to suit specific customer needs. They have a team of designers, consultants, engineers, and research experts who maintain quality services that eventually give customers full confidence as they demand mobile application development services from the Hybrid, Android, and iOS package.


NewAgeSMB, a NewAgeSys, Inc. company founded in 1994, headquartered in New Jersey, specializes in the creation and consultancy of mobile applications, helping clients optimize their market scope and productivity latest in technology. NewAgeSMB is a full-service mobile and web development company that serves customers across North America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and Australia. We do this by building a long-term relationship with our customers, from brainstorming the initial idea, strategizing the project plan, building, and deploying cost-effective solutions with sound support and maintenance foundations.


Peerbits is a multinational mobile device development organization with a footprint in six countries; India, the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Colombia. With the strategic aim of delivering creative technology solutions, Peerbits provides a range of personalized mobile app development from corporate mobility solutions to startup applications, mobile on-demand devices, and mobility solutions for healthcare. Our skill is to customize mobile apps that suit the client's needs.

Savvy Apps:

Savvy Apps is a prominent name in providing efficient solutions for mobile app development for various platforms such as Android and iOS. Ultimately, the company has set a benchmark in providing services for app design, development, and testing that fully align client needs. When you focus on Smart Software, you should expect sophisticated mobile device creation tools for various purposes. They've delivered the most exceptional services to numerous small business startups.

Net Solutions:

Brands around the world draw on the experience and expertise of Net Solutions from almost two decades of digital consultancy to create meaningful and customized interactions for their customers, which have an impression and develop loyalty. Our list of customers includes major companies such as Unilever, Google, Harvard Business Review, IMG, Mother care, and Euro Car Parts. Net Solutions is specialized in the development of technology-agnostic approaches powered by Design Thinking, applying the solution using world-class architecture techniques across a continuum of technologies with our Agile methodology design flavor, and using strategic analytics to promote progress.

The NineHertz:

The NineHertz is the development hub which helps business owners to reconstruct their business for the digital era. Our services are excellent, but the code pattern that we use is also the next advanced that follows the international coding standards. Through in-depth study and market research, the business framework is combined with a sound strategy for a successful outcome. Working for a decade to widen the worldwide gap between people and technology. NineHertz carries out the number of seminars and programs to educate the workers and sustain help in their production.


If it's a single entity, a next-generation startup, or an existing corporation, everybody is searching for a tech developer to address their business problems. KitelyTech is a one-stop solution for all businesses seeking a creative forum to stand out in today's digital economy. KitelyTech deals with the development of the internet, apps, brand marketing, HTML procurement, Salesforce, data processing, graphic design, SAAS application, and SEO.

Endive Software:

Endive Software is a multi-tasked organization that provides development of Salesforce, Smartphone applications, business technology creation, and website design. Endive Software is a collective of talented designers and engineers who specialize in building a work atmosphere that is equal for all company styles. Endive uses innovative technologies and the current system to produce outcomes that are customer-centric and industry-specific.


These are some of the top 10 renowned mobile app development firms in the USA, known for their top-notch development and maintenance services. By recruiting each of the firms as mentioned above for market experience, one should assume stronger dependence.