Independence Day is a major national holiday in Estonia marked on the year August 27th. It is widely celebrated with massive parades, concerts, and celebrations. It's the national day of Estonia, where all the citizens observe a momentous event by burning an old stamp. The stamp is then put into a bonfire and later carried to different destinations throughout the country to be opened and display the new stamp.

Estonia was one of the countries to gain independence from the Soviet Union. On this day, citizens of Estonia celebrate their Independence Day. There is a lot of excitement and fun in this period of the year when the people are eager to mark this historical event. Estonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe but still has a very developed sense of culture and traditions. On this Soviet Russia day, the nation and the people of Estonia celebrate their freedom and territorial integrity.

Soviet Russia Day 

There is a lot of variety and creativity on this Soviet Russia day. The national flag is used as the main icon of the gathering. Here, the color orange is used for the colors of the nationalistic symbols and for the star that is used as the symbol of the state. Estonia was an independent country from Soviet Union after World War II. On the 24 February, the people of Estonia celebrate their freedom and territorial integrity. It marks the beginning of the communist rule in Estonia and hence, it is a major national holiday.

The first thing that one notices about on this Soviet republic Independence Day is that the whole place is decorated in a great manner. The street names are properly displayed and so are the buildings and other symbols of the state. Restaurants and cafes are fully decorated and there is music, dances, and a massive fireworks display. 

Soviet Republic Independence Day 

During this Soviet republic Independence Day, the national flag of Estonia is presented to the people and the President of Estonia gives a speech in which he emphasises the ideals, values, and principles of the country. A concert is organised by well-known artists and musicians of Estonia. Fireworks are also arranged by the servicemen. This is followed by street races and sports competitions. The entire proceedings are watched by tens of thousands of people.

On the morning of the Soviet republic's Independence Day, a huge parade is organised by the whole country. It passes through Tallinn and other important cities. After this huge parade, the international school in Tallinn is visited by many dignitaries and foreign students. On February 24th, Estonia celebrates its centennial year. Numerous international delegations, including British, French, and US, visit Estonia to participate in the celebrations.