The limousine rental of LF Limousine & Luxury Car offers you the possibility of having an exclusive, luxurious and incomparable comfort car at your complete disposal.

Three Reasons to Rent a Limousine

  1. Renting a limousine is a wonderful idea to create a wedding with style and elegance.
  2. A splendid rental limousine can be used to create exclusive private parties such as birthdays, stag / hen parties, graduation parties, romantic dinners, to go to a disco or an important event.
  3. They are cars with unparalleled comfort for comfortable limousine transfers, very used managers, businessmen or travelers to go to an important appointment or at an airport.

The limousine is the ideal car both for those who love to stand out, given the considerable size of the vehicle which makes it almost impossible to go unnoticed, but also for those looking for comfort and luxury with the privacy offered by the car's dark glass and absolute discretion of a professional driver.

What Are The Advantages Of a Rental Limousine?

  1. You can enjoy maximum freedom to get around Aurora thanks to a comfortable limousine rental. Our cars in fact have the necessary permits and have free access in the historic.
  2. It offers an exciting arrival at the disco or at an authentic Star event.
  3. You can try a new experience wrapped in comfort and luxury.
  4. To have an elegant and impeccable service for ceremonies .
  5. It guarantees a punctual and high level transfer service .
  6. Thanks to the on-board mini bar, you can relax with a cool drink.
  7. You can always have perfectly clean and controlled cars .
  8. You can get more visibility and prestige for: an event, a photo shoot, an inauguration or an advertising promotion.
  9. You have at your disposal entertainment on board with the most advanced technologies available on a car.
  10. You can count on a professional and discreet driver at your complete disposal.
  11. You can go to a dinner or a party with friends , without worrying about the number of drinks or risking your license. The driver will take you back home safely.
  12. Your privacy is always respected . The driver can be contacted by you, only through the on-board intercom, as it is separated by an electronic panel and cannot hear or see you.
  13. You don't have to worry about wasting time finding a parking space.
  14. A great rental flexibility. You decide how long you need the limousine and the route you want to do.
  15. You can celebrate a stag or hen party in style.
  16. To spend a romantic evening with your girlfriend (or your boyfriend) making her find a splendid limousine under the house and then accompany her to a restaurant.
  17. To make memorable day of your 18th birthday .
  18. To live a great night with your friends.

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Limousine & Luxury Car Offers You The Limousine Rental Of a Car Of Great Style and Prestige, Unique In Its Kind.

In Canada there are only two specimens. Born to be the car destined for VIPs and show business personalities or simply wealthy, it offers a fantastic experience!

It distinguishes itself from all the other limousines for hire due to its particular two-tone livery, with a low body part in black, while the roofs of the car and the hood are in metallic gray. The interior is huge and, both for the luxury and for the finishes, it is reminiscent of that of a suite.

Everything has been designed to comfortably accommodate eight people, arranged on a large aj sofa, covered in two-tone leather to remind the external bodywork. All passengers can enjoy a comfortable space and a rich series of entertainment possibilities guaranteed by exclusive accessories such as, a mini-bar equipped with a service of fine Champagne glasses, an impressive audio system with Dolby surround, splendid games of multicolored LED lights , three multi-function LCD screens with satellite TV, DVD player and much more.

The limousine rental service of LF Limousine & Luxury Car offers you this sophisticated 100% Yankee "Limo", putting it at your complete disposal to create a fairytale wedding, for your private party or for a higher class business transfer.

Let us know what your needs are, our staff will be happy to meet your requests and plan a fantastic experience with you. Limo service in Newmaket rental tailor-made for you. With Limousine & Luxury Car you will have at your disposal a top quality limousine rental service.