1. Tell us about yourself.
Hi i am vishabh gola and i am a student preparing for my medical entrance exam i have lots of pressure in concern my studies and family.

2. Tell us about your writing journey.

Writing poems is one of my hobby whenever i write a poem it make me feel relax and happy like my self satisfaction .
I started writing poem when I was in 8th standard usually wrote about nature and motivation but now i can write in every genre and this thing provide me as my unique personality and encourage me to think beyond the box.

4. What made you participate in #SeedhiBaat competition.

When I saw the contest #seedhibaat, it made me feel like we all have right to show our views and opinions just don't think about people instead of it make people to accept your views and opinions and i wrote a poem puppets inspired by this idea .

5. Why #SeedhiBaat is important?

#Seedhi baat is important because when you have a self confidence to keep your ideas and views in front of people then you can change the process of thinking of others by introducing them new ways about life and anything beyond it and it also encourage you to rise your hidden voice.

6. Your #SeedhiBaat message to everyone.
my #seedhi baat message is that "you should live your life without any limitations and do that thing whatever makes you happy and give a positive attitude and satisfaction in life"

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