New Year's resolutions have a long history dating back thousands of years. Yet, it seems that their longevity hasn't made them any easier to keep. Make this year different by focusing on discovering who you already are and embracing that person. Here are several tips to help you get started.

Keep a Journal

Start by recording your thoughts and actions in a journal. There are so many great health benefits to journaling, that you really can't go wrong no matter how you choose to record and organize yours. 

If you like the tactile experience of using paper and pencil, then go for it. Find a great new notebook or repurpose one you already have and start writing. There are also plenty of templates available to help you get started with a computer-based journal if you prefer to type. 

Use the journal as a tool to organize your thoughts and activities each day. Take a few minutes in the morning and then again before bed to jot down what is on your mind. Be honest about your feelings, even if they seem negative. Add a brief comment on something, anything, that you are grateful for each day to help keep your focus on the positive parts. 

Celebrate Your Strengths

Once you start to get a clearer picture of your strengths and successes, start to celebrate them. You don't have to throw them a full-on party, but take time to acknowledge that those amazing qualities are part of you. That makes you amazing, too. 

Find ways to develop these qualities within yourself. Maybe you can take a class to learn more about something you are good at. Heck, you might be good enough to teach a class about it. Talk about building confidence. 

Whether you choose to advance or share your talents, practice using them regularly. The repeated success and an increasing skill set will be a boon to your confidence. Plus, no matter how naturally gifted you are at something, practicing has been shown to be as important in making you feel confident and assured as that ability. 

Admit Your Flaws

Wouldn't it be great if everyone were perfect? Actually, it might get annoying quick. Maybe that is why everyone has flaws. Granted, some people's flaws seem bigger than others, but it's not time to judge. In fact, it's time to turn in and acknowledge your own flaws. 

Resist the urge to focus on these flaws, though. If you accept them as a part of you, then truly reach a point of acceptance. If not, then take steps to make a change. Keep an open mind during this process. What you perceive as a flaw might actually be an amazing strength or asset in the eyes of others. 

Dress for Success

How you dress can directly impact how you feel about yourself. Stock your wardrobe with clothing that accentuates your physical strong points and downplays anything you feel self-conscious about. Have some fun with it, too. A pair of wild novelty cotton socks can bring a confidence boost and a smile to your face without anyone else being wiser to their presence.

Express Yourself

Creativity is a sure-fire way to boost self-confidence. It allows you a chance at self-expression, which means you can share your thoughts and feelings while helping to put them in perspective. Finding a creative outlet can also give you a chance to socialize with others, which is directly linked to increased confidence and feelings of belonging. 

Creativity also encourages a mindful approach by having you focus on the process instead of the results. View the creative and learning processes as an accomplishment in themselves. Of course, the pride that comes with finishing a creative project is an awesome bonus, too. 

Even if you have struggled with your self-confidence for years, there are ways to help it develop and grow. Start by taking stock of your feelings, strengths, and weaknesses, then focus on all the amazing positive qualities you already have. Work up to using creativity and self-expression to share them with others and grow your confidence even more.