'203,000 deaths and 2.9 million cases confirmed!’ This just shows how ominous, how macabre this infective agent is. Its materialisation has metamorphosed this orb of life in no time: they desert the streets; all shops have put up the shutters except for those supplying the egotistical human population  their essential commodities; and we isolate those suffering from the pestilence. Economies of all the nations has crashed, and the pauperised populations’ condition has become even worse. The older members of humanity and the indigenous people along with those who have no sanction to health services are most susceptible to this disease, and the youth have put their lives at stake to aid them.

Discerning these uncertain and disconsolate times makes me feel sick at heart.

The virus has brought along with it many messages.

It has proven that encroaching on nature can be as detrimental as Chernobyl, and that the ramifications are not transitory. It has shown all of us that our activities are ‘destructive,’ for as we are all incarcerated in our homes, all our activities ceased, the nature is healing. The ozone layer is on the mend, thanks to the reduction in carbon emissions. Wildlife is filling the vacuum. Coyotes, who are afraid of traffic, are now spotted on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It made us realise that as humans we are not playing our role in the right demeanour.

Over and above that, COVID-19 has inculcated the significance of family in all of us. Today, after what seemed like an eternity, I see smiles on the faces of the octogenarians and elderly around that age. The family time they yearned for has come to them because of this pandemic. I must admit, even I didn’t spend so much of time with my family as I am doing now. I always wanted to do my workout, go for athletics in the evening, study for the upcoming challenges in school and things almost analogous to that. Now that I have little to do, I am spending hours playing board games with my parents or listening to my grandparent’s escapade. Speaking of candidly, nothing is a cut above menage.

Humans are now realising how climacteric it is to not take their and others' health into consideration. Everyone is, more often that not, gargling to ensure that the virus doesn’t even come close to them; washing their hands meticulously; covering their mouths while coughing; and are observing good personal hygiene.

Humans have become more solicitous than ever. Health-workers, policemen, and the guards have put their lives at stake to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread; to ensure that the death toll doesn’t rise and as many recover as possible. Scientists are working incessantly in the hopes to find a cure and simultaneously sharing information with the world about the virus: how is it caused? How it can be prevented?

We must salute these unsung heroes.

I prepare tea and a few snacks along with my mother every afternoon to satisfy the hunger of the GHMC workers who come to clean our colony, the police who patrol the community to ensure that no one comes out of their homes, and the staff working in the medicine stores located close to our house. It feels good to do so and know that I am also doing my part in this battle against COVID-19.

Finally, it teaches us how to use individual choices to come to grips with such global disasters. It is teaching us lessons that will bring us closer towards our 17 UN SDG’s, but at the moment, it is a threat to that.

Together, we can respond to such dire straits, be it the unprecedented virus or even climate change. Instead of letting the morass cloak us, let’s fight it back with the technology we have, with the ingenious brains God gifted us with and the undiscovered benignity we all have in us.