This New Year brought with it new changes in the life of each and every person; somewhere positive where negative as some. We were all fitted with the advance technology, everything went online and digital and we lost touch with nature. For months a lot of us have not even felt the sun on our bodies. Yet the mother nature never forgets us, it gives us all the hopes every day with every sunrise and containment with every sunset; and sometimes little surprises that can bring pleasures in your life if noticed and acknowledged. Even I received this lockdown a beautiful surprise, it was the visit of some long-forgotten friend, so let's step into the past to see what exactly happened.

I used to live in a beautiful society with ample of trees and greenery and I used to love to sit in the balcony with some snacks in the afternoon and observe the beauty of nature. Everyday the trees used to look different to me and different migrating birds used to come and go. I always enjoyed catching those moments. Once there came a couple of bird, size and voice like a sparrow but had bright pink feathers and shiny white feathers on belly. They played all day long from one tree to another tree, always together, never letting each other apart, sometimes when I clicked on their photos, they felt like they were posing for me just like a model. And then after few days they were gone and I left that place as well.

We moved to a new place deep inside the city, with nothing but pollution; no greenery, no trees that could ever be found. Since the vacation was going on while I moved to my new home, I didn't have any friends to hang out with, and nothing to observe, and I felt lost.

“It is funny, how absence of something is the heaviest to carry”- Anushree Joshi  

Then I went to the hostel, everything was changed; I made new friends, new habits, a new lifestyle. And when the COVID-19 started, I had to go back home and again lost touch with friends, no neighbors to talk to, no work to do; and again, there was a feeling of loss, and this time it was worse than the previous one. It brought emptiness and fear with it as the day began. But Mother Nature never leaves the emptiness of the life of all those who nurture her; and thus, she gave me a beautiful gift of compassion and happiness. The long-lost friends have come back to visit. And together they brought in a bundle of happiness and joy, and a hope that everything would be as beautiful as it was before.

“The most beautiful gift of nature is that it gives one pleasure to look around and try to comprehend what we see”- Albert Einstein

The Alchemy of Nature is always beautiful; it brings joy, happiness, desire, hope and all the positivity in the life of a person. The only way to gain all this positivity is to nurture the nature, observe it and admire its gifts. Find happiness in every little thing and you’ll never be left alone and sad. Every person goes through all the ups and downs in the life, never loosing hope is the key to success, and someday or another you’ll receive the gift of happiness as well.