Imagine your perfect lawn. Is it vibrantly green, lush, and the perfect foundation for a game of tag with your kids, hosting a barbecue, or taking an afternoon nap in the shade? Daydreams aside, what does yours actually look like? The truth is, having the perfect lawn isn't always easy. 

If you've noticed patches of dead, brown grass, or areas that sink in when you walk, your lawn may have grubs. Another telltale sign is an increase of wildlife with a taste for grubs, like raccoons, skunks, or ground moles. To add insult to injury, these guys aren't exactly gentle on your lawn during feeding time. Bottom line - grubs are persistent little destroyers who can be tricky to control, and are very destructive. Luckily for homeowners everywhere, there are solutions.

Inspect Below the Surface
You can do a quick check to see if your lawn is under siege. In an area that's dead, wilted, or brown, use a trowel to cut into the sod. If the sod peels back and rolls up easily without any root resistance, that's a sign that grubs have taken up residence. You may also be able to determine the extent of the invasion by taking note of how many grubs you see when you peel back the sod. Do your homework about grubs before getting your hands dirty - this will help you diagnose the problem before deciding on the best treatment to get your lawn back into fighting shape.  

Call the Professionals
Not everyone wants to spend their spare time working on their lawn, and sometimes certain lawn and landscaping needs span past the homeowner's DIY comfort and capabilities. This rings especially true with grub infestation, which tends to present as a fairly complex issue to treat. Instead of throwing money at what you think might work, and wasting those precious free hours trying to win the battle yourself, consider professional help! Selecting a lawn care company is a great way to determine the best approach for your lawn's grub control problem. You can rest easy knowing your lawn is getting the best possible treatment, and all you need to do is pick up the phone. And the best part? You'll be enjoying your (grub free) lawn again before you know it!   

Choose a Treatment
It's no secret that the use of pesticides can be a somewhat sensitive subject. As a homeowner, you want your lawn to be an enjoyable, attractive, and safe place. And as a homeowner, you know that doesn't always happen on its own. With so many pesticides on the market, homeowners have choices between synthetic or organic, granules or liquids. You'll want to determine the extent of the infestation if possible before deciding on a treatment, and make sure you have a clear understanding of the product you're using before applying to your lawn. This is so important when taking your own health and safety into account. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the best time of season to apply any product, and be sure you have the correct equipment to proceed.  

Bring In the Birds
Birds love to snack on insects, so when you're battling a grub infestation, consider calling in reinforcement from your feathered friends. How bird friendly is your yard? There are many ways to make your lawn a bird friendly destination. Or, maybe you've been interested in giving free-range chickens a try, and this is the push you need. You could be looking at less insects while reaping the benefits of bird watching, or enjoying fresh eggs daily. Either way, grubs are a hot item for birds, and each one plucked from the ground will only help your infestation problem. Win win.
With warmer months just around the corner, now is the perfect time to put your grub control plan into action. You'll be enjoying a beautiful lawn before you know it!