All of us want to choose the best material, best designs, and best-fitting products while making a home or redecorating the old one. For most people, it is a one-time investment, and therefore, they take the utmost care so that everything goes right and pays detailed attention to every little thing. 

One of the choices you need to make while selecting the kitchen material is whether to use granite or quartz worktops. It is very much known that quartz kitchen worktops are durable, long-lasting, sleek and classy, which makes it the first preference of the modern generation. 

  • By now, we all know what is quartz worktops and what are the utility is offers. But you should know the five lesser-known benefits that quartz has which would convince you more so that you settle only for quartz worktops in your kitchen.
    Quartz does not get scratched or etched easily. The chances are almost zero. Most of us are afraid of the fact that materials used to build in the kitchen will get scratched easily. Since a significant portion of cutting vegetables and chopping of meat and fish is being done there, the surface might get scratched and with time will lose the colour and texture.
    But with Quartz kitchen worktops, there are no chances of the surface being scratched. The added advantage to it is that it looks like marble, is deceiving but is of better quality and does not have any inherent negative property.

  • There is a false notion that goes on in the market that granite is the most durable product when it comes to creating units for kitchen and bathroom. You have to know what is quartz worktops. The material is specially crafted under the care, and it undergoes a very complicated process which makes it stronger and durable than most of the other products available in the market. Also, it is denser and not very porous which makes it the best material to be used for the kitchen.

  • It is within your budget! There lies a misconception amongst people that quartz kitchen worktops are very expensive and beyond the budget. Know what is quartz worktops’ original price before changing your mind. With the immense popularity, quartz worktops have gained, the manufacturers have come up with cost-cutting ways. Also, with the advent of technology to a great extent, it is possible to produce a quality product at a very affordable price.
    Therefore, do not stay under any false notion. Do your homework by surveying the market about the different rates offered by the various companies. And then settle for the one which is suitable and is within your budget without compromising with the design, texture, and quality.

  • You may be worried about the maintenance cost or the effort you have to undergo to clean it every time you cook or use it. But you might be surprised to know that it is effortless to clean the worktops. You may use a regular dishwasher or mild soap to wash any stains. Use a sponge or wet towel to wipe it and then rinse it off. You can make a routine to clean every corner in part. Since it does not require regular cleaning and does not get dirty quickly, it is alright if you clean the areas every alternate day.

  • Get simple bright ideas about what is quartz worktops. Quartz and Quartzite is a different material. Though they may have some similar chemical component in it; they are a different material, and it has different brand and market value. If you are willing to use quartz outside where it will be exposed to sunlight and heat, it is advisable if you use a layer of protection to protect it from the ultraviolet rays.
    But it is better to use Quartzite in this case as it assures total safeguard from extremely hot temperatures and harmful rays emitted by the sun. The market demand is enormous, therefore.

    Here are five benefits of quartz worktops in the kitchen. It will help you in making an informed decision as to why you should go for the quartz instead of granite. Fulfill all your goals and make your dream house a perfect place to live!