The world is full of entrepreneurs and businessmen, but few really know how to do business in the right way. And, one of the reputed persons is Edmond Masjedi who has remained a part of different industries like beer, real estate, plastic and technology, and various others. The key which he has applied in every kind of business is to provide world-class quality products to the customers at a budget-friendly price. And, this can be easily judged in industries like real estate, wine, and beer as he turned these two businesses into profits. 

Different domains in which Edmond Masjedi has put his feet:


Among all the plastics company, he worked in IPPC which manufacture and distribute drinking straws to the people. In the beginning, this company was not famous among the people and also did not hold more shares in the market. But, this renowned person used his mind and this company holds the ownership of 50% share in the world of plastics. 

Real Estate

In this domain, his experience in technology proved fruitful. To sell commercial and residential buildings, he used the technology of three-dimensional imagery. However, this technology was not revolutionary in a full way but he was the only person who personalized this technology in this business vertical. 

Beer and wine

Edmond Masjedi’s imagination and creativity provided him the way of starting the business of beer and wine in which the alcohol was mixed with ice creams and a new type of flavors were given to them. In this, he only believed in offering the products of the quality that do not match with any other and without burning the pocket of individuals. 


To give the complete information about Hollywood, this great personality gave a boost to the online world by introducing a new website in which you can enjoy all the things related to TV dramas and movies of Hollywood by just sitting at your home. 

So, this was all about the businesses of Edmond Masjedi from which one can easily know how much victory this person has gained in his life in diversified businesses. You can also become like him by expanding all the business opportunities and converting them into your success. For this, you need to think about how a simple chance can be fruitful for your business and also for your whole life.