Have you unintentionally deleted folders which are stores very important for me? Don’t worry about that, Just read the complete write-up. To know the solution on how to recover deleted folders from pen drive. In this blog, we will discuss some easy methods to restore the deleted folder from flash drive.

This is the very irritating moment when you spend days working and suddenly you know that you are not able to found your data. This is a very pathetic moment. But don’t worry about that, nothing has been deleted always from your computer. Even after users have deleted their important folders from pen drive.

Few Reasons Behind Data Loss

There are various causes due to Lose your Folders from Pen Drive. Some are mentioned below:

  • Stop using the device immediately to prevent further damage to wasted data. For instance, do not save any new files to the thumb drive or access any existing files on the flash drive. That's because those actions can overwrite deleted data and make them unretrievable.

  • Do not format or reformat the pen drive, as the formatting process does involve writing actions.

  • Do not create new files, move data, copy data, or anything else on the pen drive.

  • Close the whole other utility which might be using the pen drive.

  • If the pen drive is physically damaged, users should contact the professional data recovery Center which owns recovery machines to restore folders from damaged disks.

  • Carry out pen drive data recovery immediately. Users can use either paid pen drive data recovery software to get back deleted files.

Restore Deleted Folders From Pen Drive by Using Trusted Software

If you are not able to recover your folder from pen drive by using any free solution then, you can try the third-party software named is SysTools USB drive data recovery software. It is able to recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from pen drive. This software is capable to recover all types of data such as images, videos, audio’s, documents, etc. Users can recover data from desktop pc, computer, laptop, etc. Users can recover their data after formatting hard drive from NTFS and FAT format. It permanently deleted data highlighted by red color. The software has the ability to recovers permanently deleted data from the hard drive.

Steps to Recover Deleted Word Documents from Window 10

  1.  Download and install SysTools pen drive data recovery software
  2.  The tool provides two data recovery options like Scan and formatted scan
  3. Now you can preview your recovered data in software panel 
  4. Now you can save your file at the desired location


In this blog, we have discussed one ultimate solution to restore deleted folders from pen drive. Try it and recover your data instantly without loosing any data files. The best thing about this tool it provides a free demo version. Users can check the working efficiency of the software.