Best Resorts near Mumbai

Winter in Mumbai is not so extreme as compared to the northern states of India, but it certainly makes the climate very pleasant. To complement that weather, there are a bunch of best resorts near Mumbai where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest. These eco-resorts near Mumbai have a different charm during the winter season and they provide a holistic experience sustainably. Let’s find out more about them!

Machan Resort

MachanMachan Resort

Not very far from Mumbai, in the laps of lush green mountains is a place called Machan. Inspired by traditional architecture found in rural Maharashtra, Machan offers a romantic getaway in an eco-friendly and sustainably built treehouse. Apart from the quaint stays, Machan offers a wide range of activities that include treks to nearby forts, caves, and temples. Yoga, Star Gazing, Bonfire, Sight-Seeing, are some of the many indulging activities carried out during your stay. The place is powered by renewable energy sources, which eventually reduces the pressure on the environment in which they operate.

Distance: 95 km
Route: Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway

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