It is no more secret that people want to move to Spokane, a gem in the Pacific Northwest. The name Spokane fills our mind with images of rain, lush landscapes, beaches, and coffee. So is Spokane the best city to move in? Let us discuss the pros and cons of moving to Spokane to start a new page of your life. 

Pros of Moving to Spokane

Spokane’s Wildlife is Amazing

Let us start with the positives of moving to Spokane. With about 16 amphibians, 41 fish species, 70 mammals, and 168 birds, Spokane takes pride in its wildlife. The flora and fauna of the city feature some very rare and exquisite species which cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. Once moved to Spokane, you will discover that this part of Washington State homes 16 wolf packs. The rare breeds of animals that are common in Spokane are:

  • Black Bear

  • Grizzly Bear

  • Caribou

  • Rocky Mountain Elk

  • Bighorn Sheep 

  • Cougars. Whitetail Deer

  • Mule Deer 

  • Moose

Always Pleasant Climate

Spokane residents take pride in their climate. The city experiences a warm-summer Mediterranean climate which ensures that you don’t have to switch on the air-conditioner in summers and shovels get maximum rest in winter. Spring and fall are short and August and July are the hottest months of the year, while December is the coldest month of the year. 

You Turn Fittest Here

For fitness freaks, Lilac Bloomsday Run is the annual day that they keep waiting for. The 7-mile long marathon is more than a festival here and over 50,000 participants come here every year to take part in the run.

There is Some Sunshine Here

For many, there is a notion that Northwest is too rainy and cloudy. It is time to shed that prejudice. Spokane has plenty of sunlight days and for the same reason, sunbathers flock here.

There are So Many lakes in Spokane

Spokane is a lake city. It is so amazing to live here. You look around and you see lakes everywhere. Boating, fishing, jet skis, frolicking on a hot day; lake cabins, lake homes, you name it and the city has it. All within a short drive. Some of the prominent lakes are:

  • Amber Lake

  • Badger Lake

  • Chapman Lake

  • Clear Lake  

  •  Newman Lake

  • Silver Lake

  • West Medical Lake

For Golfers, Spokane is Mecca

With 20 awesome golf courses within driving distance, Spokane is a golfer’s Mecca. If you are moving to Spokane, do not forget to get your golf club as you will need it more than your beer mug. To make things more attractive, the golf courses are pretty cheap. This means to use the club, you don’t need to rob a bank. 

Get High Legally

Moving to Spokane, Wa, you can get stoned legally. As a city in Washington State, recreational marijuana is permitted here. This means you smoke cannabis without breaking the law. This seems an attractive reason to move to Spokane.

Housing is Affordable

In Spokane, the property price is too affordable that you can comfortably purchase a home without shelling out much. Sell your home and move to Spokane, you can buy a new residential address here with half of the money. That sounds cool. 

Be Ready to Drink Too Much Wine

In Washington State, there are 900 wineries and a majority of them exist in Spokane and its suburbs. This makes Spokane one of the largest wine producers in the United States. Moving to Spokane, you end up consuming some premium quality wine on any given day. 

Cons of Moving to Spokane

So what are the negatives of moving to Spokane? Are there any? Let us see some of the cons of moving to Spokane.

Wildfire is a Common Occurrence

Though blessed with lush green forests around, Spokane is also prone to wildfires. Quite often, wildfire rampages the city. One of the cons of moving to Spokane is the annual wildfire that may cause bad air and other natural impacts. 

Crime Rate is too High Here

Moving to Spokane, you should be ready to live with crime. Reports call it the least safe city in the state of Washington. Drug-related crimes are the most while hate crimes and racist violence are also common here. The nights are not that safe as it used to be earlier.  

Make Spokane your new home. With less traffic, more wildlife, affordable housing, and budget entertainment options, the city is worth making your new resident address. Like every city, it too has negative traits but the positives overshadow the dark traits. Move to Spokane to explore the Washington State to its fullest.