If you have a shop or restaurant that requires you to process payment in front of the customer then you must have a good POS system. Clover POS system has become popular these days. Over the years they have developed and become more sophisticated. Now there are various versions of Clover POS available and Clover Go is one of them. 


Clover Go doesn’t need a separate device to accept debit or credit cards. It is a fully integrated card reader that accepts EMV, NFC, and mag stripe transactions. It also covers Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. It comes with Bluetooth functionality, so you can accept the customer’s payments without any headphone jack. It only takes a few seconds to process the transactions. The payment can be processed safely. It has a quick-pay mode where you enter the amount and swipe the card. You need to select the item from the inventory first and then have the customer sign it on the device’s screen. There is a camera that can be used to scan the card. There is a dashboard where you can update your weekly sales data, employee records, and other business details. 

Clover Go has a searchable inventory mode. You can add, edit and view items. It has an app marketplace that can extend the functionality of Clover Go. You will also find apps from third parties. If you are already using another Clover POS system then using Clover Go is very easy for them. Information can sync up with the existing Clover account. The customer service is excellent and the pricing is competitive. 


Clover Go is easy to install and use. It supports all the new contactless payments, chip and swipes readers as well. The existing Clover merchants can use it seamlessly. You can control the inventory items easily. You can download the various apps available in the Clover marketplace and improve the functionality of Clover Go. It has multi-user functionality. So, if a restaurant is operating at a stadium and purchases are made at the stands, the owner of the restaurant can keep track of the sales in real-time from his office. There is an ‘entitlement’ option that allows only certain people to avail of the function. For example, only a senior manager can be assigned to provide the refunds. This is a very useful feature as it prevents fraudulent activities. 

It can be integrated with the other Clover products and you can use any Clover device. For example, if someone orders food over the phone and requests home delivery, then you can start the transaction process at the restaurant and then take Clover Go to the customer’s doorsteps and then complete the transaction there. 

Clover Go is a very good Point of Sale system as it contains everything a merchant needs. It provides the customers with a convenient payment experience. For your business, you can use Clover Go and provide the customers great service.