community interest corporation is an enterprise with more often than not social targets whose surpluses are basically reinvested for that motive inside the enterprise or in the network, as opposed to being pushed by way of the want to maximize profit for shareholders and owners. Comics address a wide range of social and environmental issues and function in all elements of the economy. By using the usage of enterprise answers to acquire public true, it's miles believed that comics have a wonderful and treasured function to play in supporting create a strong, sustainable, and socially inclusive economy.

The community intrest organization emerged from some of the resources, many mentioning the absence within the UK of a business enterprise shape for no longer-for-income social establishments much like the public benefit organization in the united states. One early fantastic concept becomes advanced in 2001 by way of the public control basis in "the case for the general public interest organization", primarily based on research supported with the aid of the Gulbenkian basis, Gordon Roddick and the workplace for public management.

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