At times, psychiatric illness is a source of dissatisfaction due to any persistent chronic disorder. Light sedatives (such as Valerian) would not be helpful on such occasions. You can opt for strong tranquilizers (e.g. Valium). This drug belongs to a category of benzodiazepines with expressed soothing properties. In the Uk and many other countries, you can buy valium online UK legally. But better is please get a prescription or ask with your Doctor and Pharmacist. the dose is diazepam 10mg for sleep.

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Suggestions for use 

Valium is intended for the treatment of neurosis of different causes, cramps, epilepsy, extreme anxiety, hypochondriasis, and psychomotor agitation. The drug is beneficial for the vertebral syndrome, muscle seizures, sleeplessness, and alcohol abstinence. It also fights annoyance during menopause and PMS and is part of the mixed treatment of hypertension, growing polyarthritis, and Meniere's disease. Valium is used to prepare the patient for surgery (in this case, it serves as a sedative). Some doctors suggest using Xanax for this type of problem. The best dose is Xanax 2mg for sale UK.


Way of use

The tablet form of the drug is typically intended for supportive therapy. The greatest therapeutic benefit of neurosis is accomplished by injection. The dosage and length of therapy depend on the age, diagnosis, and seriousness of the disease of the patient. The average dosage is 5 – 10 mg of the medication two times a day, but you can take the drug six times a day in case of severe symptoms.

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Valium is contraindicated in the event of coma, shock, acute intoxication, respiratory failure, COPD, glaucoma, and hypersensitivity to the active portion of the drug. This drug must not be used by women during pregnancy and lactation. Valium must not be taken by children under the age of five. Patients with hyperkinesis (increased muscle activity), congenital motor skills disorders (cerebral ataxia), kidney and liver dysfunction, sleep apnea, and older people should take the medication very carefully.

Adverse effects

It is mandatory to monitor the condition during treatment with Valium. This medication can cause low blood pressure, swelling at the injection site, dizziness, light sensitivity, and indigestion. It may slow down motor reactions, lead to a loss of focus, and asthenia (a disorder in which the body loses strength).

Valium is very helpful in the treatment of neurotic disorders (however, you should use it safely. It is not meant for self-treatment. Valium abuse may contribute to substance dependency. That's why it should only be recommended by a physician.

Do not drink alcohol while taking diazepam, as combining alcoholic drinks with this pill can increase the risk of adverse effects, such as trouble breathing or cardiac insufficiency. Patients suffering from alcohol or drug dependency must not take Valium (except for extreme cases and only under medical supervision).

Diazepam-like medications also induce dependency. If you suddenly withdraw or drastically reduce your dosage, you can experience extreme withdrawal symptoms such as cramping, petulance, agitation, sleeping disorders, excitement, chills, loose stools, stomach pain, nausea, memory deterioration, headache, muscle pain, severe anxiety, pressure, etc. Decreasing the dose gradually under medical supervision can help to prevent or minimize the symptoms described above.