Handling subscriptions and recurring payments is not an easy feat. Only with the right recurring subscription software, you can manage your subscriptions, achieve business goals, and offer excellent customer service. Although it is a known fact that subscriptions and recurring payments have revolutionized many industries, many companies fail to cash the opportunity of SaaS billing. That is why the need for suitable recurring subscription software has pushed companies to pursue an optimal solution to handle their subscriptions. Not only subscription management for your customers, but this software also has a lot to offer to companies. This software is designed to streamline your workflow and business processes, offer essential tools for customer relationship management, present automated real-time analytics, and allow you to improve your management. Most of all it is adaptable, easy to use, and customize-able. It is everything your growing business needs to handle subscriptions and recurring payments.

There are many challenges that companies face while managing subscriptions. Based on this business model, it is important that companies use a proper recurring subscription software to fully utilize the advantages of a subscription business model. Not only this, but subscribers of any SaaS company also benefit from automated payments, recurring renewals, self-service portals, multiple payment methods, and gateways. Most of all, any company that wants to excel in its market must have remarkable customer service which is only possible with recurring subscription software.

To understand how recurring subscription software is beneficial for your business, it is important to review the features that come with this software.

Offer Flexible Payment Methods to Your Customers

The best thing you can offer your customers with subscriptions and recurring payments is flexibility when it comes to payment methods. With the recurring subscription software, your customers can easily choose a payment plan and method that works for them. After they have chosen the desired subscription plan, they fill out the registration form and easily onboard. With recurring payments, their subscriptions are updated every month and customers are reminded through automated email reminders. Any late or failed payments are handled through dunning and this way companies can reduce their churn rate.  If you are a SaaS company, you are more likely to experience better customer retention because your customer’s unique needs will be catered to.

Experience Better Revenue Recognition

For any SaaS business, keeping track of sales and revenue can be difficult when you are offering subscriptions and recurring payments. With the help of recurring subscription software, you can keep track of changes in subscription plans, account for new subscribers, upgrades and downgrades. This data is automatically saved and generated for you to analyze how much revenue each subscription is going to bring in and how much costs are being spent on your customers. The revenue recognition also allows you to record the number of canceled subscriptions and other performance metrics like churn rate. This feature will allow you to make informed business decisions on the basis of revenue recognition.

Utilize Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Improving your business health with features like revenue recognition and real-time insights are going to enhance your business performance. With real-time business insights, you will be able to make the right decision because you will have proper knowledge of how much profit you are making and the areas that need improvement. With recurring subscription software, companies are making strides in the competitive market. For your company, it is important that you not only offer subscriptions but also have the right tools to fully take advantage of recurring billing. Waiting for reviewing the revenue you have made after a subscription cycle is going to cost your company because then you cannot earn the set revenue or tackle the deferred revenue from churn. That is why recurring subscription software is essential for your business growth. With SubscriptionFlow, you can get ready to integrate an ideal recurring software that fits your needs.