When you have children, you find a new reason to wake up every morning. When you wake up with kids, you will be pulled in every direction for the rest of the day. To handle the physical and emotional demands of parenthood, you need to stay healthy. One of the best ways to remain healthy is to eat the right things.

1. Low Carb Diet

Carbs have become a no-no word in most modern diets. Carbs are especially found in bread, pasta, and other things made from grains. They turn the carbs you consume into glucose. This can give you a lot of energy to burn, but when you don't do anything with that energy, it will only make you gain weight. When you eliminate carbs from your diet, your body must burn fat to make up for the lack of carbs. Soon, your body will be trained to burn the fat as soon as it spots it. As long as you can say goodbye to pasta and bread, this can be an effective option.

2. Low Fat, Low Calorie Diet

Stick to the basics with a very simple plan that involves very little fat and calories. You will stick to fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. As long as you work out as well, you will see results after a couple of weeks. This is a classic for a reason. However, you should remember to eat enough calories. If you don't eat enough, you won't have the energy you need to keep up with the little ones.

3. Polyphenol Diet 

One of the newest plans on the market is called the polyphenol diet plan. It involves compounds called polyphenols. They are in a lot of natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These compounds usually come paired with a lot of antioxidants. These foods help boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

4. Mediterranean Diet

People in ancient Greece and Italy looked like they were created by the gods. Some people decided to see if it had anything to do with the food they ate. That's when they created the Mediterranean diet. You will stick to the fruits and vegetables they commonly ate at the time. Of course, you can also enjoy some yummy chicken and fish seasoned to perfection. Don't get too deep into the feta cheese. That will be one of your downfalls.

5. DASH Diet

Not all diets are necessarily about weight control. Sometimes a person may have larger concerns. High blood pressure can be deadly. If your doctor says you need to keep your blood pressure under control, one of the most effective methods is to change your diet. One of the main aspects of the diet is to greatly reduce the amount of salt, fat, sugar, and red meat. In the place of these foods, you will eat fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You will feel healthy, and you will probably lose weight, too.

6. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a point-based weight loss system. Essentially, you get a certain amount of points every single day. You eat whatever you want as long as you don't go over the allotted amount of points for the day. This means that you can waste your points for the day on french fries at lunch, but that could limit your points later in the day. As long as you stick to the program, you should be able to lose the weight.

You need to be around for as long as possible. You don't want to miss the important parts of your child's life. You also want to see those same events when your grandchildren reach that age. Eat the right diet, and you will be around long enough for everything.