In this article, we will discuss how you can earn OSRS Gold (which you can by here for example) by defeating monsters. You should know that these monsters will require a high level so before proceeding further we will expect you that you are an experienced player of the game. Let’s get started:

1.Abyssal Sire

If you want to make some OSRS gold by combat then Abyssal Sire should be on your list. Since this boss doesn’t have any particular requirements and drops a good chunk of gold. The Sire requires the player to have level 85 in slayer skills and will need an Abyssal Demons task to go for it. We will recommend you to have 90+ statistics so that you be much bothered in eliminating the monster. Your efforts will be awarded nicely since it will drop you 3 million OSRS gold an hour.

2. Dagannoth Kings

If you are not interested in taking down the Abyssal Sire but want the same amount of gold then the Dagannoth Kings are your best options. Dagonnoth Prime, Dagannoth Supreme and Daganoth Rex, form this king's trio and will require players to have decent skills to take them down. If you want to take them down without any assistance then we will recommend you to have high levels on your combat skills. It will be worth your time and effort since they will give you 3 million gold an hour.

3. Zulrah

If you are tired of earning 3 million gold and want to go for other big chunks of money, then you should go for Zulrah. The veterans of the game look at this snake as a cash cow that also offer decent drops. Zulrah will grant you $ million gold and will also drop a Toxix Blowpipe which is considered one of the best ranged weapons in OSRS. Therefore, go for this snake if you want to rack up gold and also get a good item for the long run.

4. Vorkath

If you want to test your skills on a higher level, then we suggest you go for dragons. Since some of the best money can be earned from the battle of the Vorkath. You can take this boss after you are done with the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. Vorkath will drop your 64,000 gold per kill and will also grant you draconic visages. You should know that these visages are quite rare and can be easily sold for big profits. So it is not a bad idea if you beat someone again and again to fund your account. We will recommend to carefully calculate your approach since the reward in 5 million RuneScape gold per hour.

5. Raids

If you are a true fan of combat for making OSRS gold, then raid boss is amongst the best methods. This method doesn’t offer much gold but offers valuable drops like the Twisted bow. You can either sell these drops for gold which can then be sold on gold selling site or use them to your advantage.

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