Website development  is the main area of work at Art Lemon. For over 7 years we have been providing a huge range of services related to design, usability, marketing, website creation and  promotion .

We are ready to offer a variety of solutions - from web development of business card sites and  corporate sites  to online stores. It all depends on the specific goals that the customer sets for us, as well as the allocated budget. In some cases, the creation of a site is necessary only for small representative purposes - in this case it is enough to make a business card website or a promotional site. We value all our customers and are ready to guarantee the professional creation of a site in Kharkov, regardless of its cost.

Before creating sites, we examine the working area of the market, analyze the resources of competitors, evaluate economic efficiency. Creating a site in Kiev will be much more effective if it takes into account factors affecting the result. The whole process includes a lot of work: the formation of technical specifications, the development of a design layout, the creation of a prototype site, the introduction of a management system. As additional services, we are ready to offer writing unique text content, photography for the development of website design elements, services for registration of trademarks. To make a truly functional website, you do not have to work with third-party contractors - everything can be done in one single studio by coming to our office in Kharkov or Kiev.

Before creating a site, it is necessary to carefully conduct an analysis, which includes studying the characteristics of the customer’s audience, its competitors and identifying advantages over them, which at the next stage allows you to find unexpected, unique and interesting ideas for the project, whether it is commercial or not. Thanks to this, all works are distinguished by their uniqueness. As we know, the ideal does not exist, but as close as possible, it is possible! That is what we are doing when developing online stores  for Kharkov customers. All projects issued by the company are a reflection of the wishes of customers, multiplied by the professionalism of our specialists. Website development and design is a trump card and our business card.

Today Art Lemon is one of the leading digital companies in the market of web design and web advertising. We have modern and young employees with a unique and creative outlook on modern web technologies. Designers, internet marketers, programmers, seo optimizers, project managers and copywriters are a powerful and united team of professionals capable of implementing design projects of any complexity.

Website development

It usually takes from two weeks to a month to develop a site in Kiev, depending on the complexity of the functionality and design. Website development consists of several stages. It begins with the solution of primary problems. At this stage, we stipulate the main points, determine the goals and audience of the site. The next important stage is the creation of corporate design, by which you can be easily identified. Designers will draw the most appropriate layouts, and as soon as the designer's work is approved by the customer, the layout designer, the person who will overlay the design , immediately enters the work   on the site observing cross-browser compatibility, will be make it possible to equally display both in different browsers and on various mobile devices.

Services for creating sites in Kharkov include the activities of programmers who will put a "soul" into the site and revitalize it functionally. They will make a convenient admin panel, which will make it possible to easily add and update information without any additional knowledge and skills. Development is now almost complete. The final touch will be made by our testers, who will test 100% performance and identify minor flaws. We create from the most "light" ( business card site ) to large and complex projects. Even after the development of the site and its delivery to the customer, we continue to keep in touch and quickly resolve issues.

Website development on CMS

The issue of choosing a content management system in 2020 (CMS - content management system) is quite relevant and depends on the complexity of the tasks and the required functionality. We worked with all well-known CMS: Drupal, Magento, Bitrix, Joomla, CS-CART and chose the best and most convenient solutions. We create information sites on Modx or Wordpress . For e-commerce, we mainly use OpenCart to create online stores. with many of its developments . For complex projects with a high load, for which public cms are not suitable, we use PHP frameworks and other technologies.You may visit our site for more details jsononline

Need website creation?

We create websites and take our work very responsibly. We are one of the few web studios in Kharkov where you can order a full range of services related to the creation of the site.

  1. We help you choose the right domain name;
  2. We provide hosting services;
  3. Design services (logo design, identity, corporate identity, outdoor creative advertising);
  4. Promotion in search engines;
  5. Support and counseling;
  6. Development of additional modules and applications.

We really appreciate both your and your time completing all projects on time. Throughout all stages, starting from filling the brief and designing, we coordinate the intermediate results and quickly correct all changes. We work in one strong, friendly and good team, doing our favorite thing. In the contacts section you can ask us any questions. Ordering a website  in Kiev is easy!

Today, the global network has become a popular platform for diverse commercial activities. According to statistics, online sales in the world exceeded $ 3 trillion. The Internet has long been an excellent tool for doing business, generating substantial profits. The first step for successful commerce is the development of a site in Kiev and its launch.

Production of a site in the city of Kiev will allow the company:

  • increase the geography of sales, increase their number;
  • provide feedback to the client audience;
  • increase recognition and positively influence your image;
  • to convey information about promotions, new services and products to consumers “directly”;
  • Get another effective sales platform;
  • to conquer part of the Internet market and, accordingly, increase your own profit.

Website Development Company. What do we offer?

Turning to us, you get a ready-made turnkey web resource that meets all your expectations and requirements.

We offer you the creation of sites (Kiev - the city in which our company is located) of various types, such as:

  • Landing page. Usually this is a simple platform consisting of one landing page, created to attract the attention of a certain category of consumers. This is an excellent marketing tool that allows you to increase the number of sales and promote interesting commercial projects. Typically, such sites are used by representatives of small as well as medium-sized businesses;
  • online store. Such a resource is intended for direct trade in goods in the global network. Usually he has a solid assortment of products sold. Today it is the most popular option of commerce on the Internet for sales of products of various brands and manufacturers. This business is mainly used for retail. You can order a site (Kiev - the metropolis where our agency is located) in our company, like the other projects presented here.
  • catalog. These are large portals created by reputable entrepreneurs and reputable companies. They represent visitors to certain products or services. As a rule, such sites are quickly located by search engines and perfectly attract many customers;
  • business card. This is a resource consisting of a minimum number of pages. A business card provides an opportunity to provide visitors with basic information about the company / entrepreneur and the offered goods / services. As a rule, this is a budget solution for those merchants who do not want to incur large expenses.
  • individual portal. The service of creating sites (Kiev is a city where you can find a large number of companies involved in the manufacture and promotion of web resources) of such a plan is quite difficult. It is made according to exclusive technical specifications, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer. Such a site solves a lot of commercial issues. It helps sell products, informs about promotions, improves the image of the enterprise, and serves as feedback between it and the target audience.

Design a website

  1. Professionalism. We have successfully implemented many projects of various complexity. The best guarantee of professionalism is a large number of satisfied customers who continue to cooperate with us in promoting their resources, which continue to order the production of the site and unique web sites.
  2. A well-functioning system for creating sites. Our manager will meet with you, clarify all issues, draw up a brief, on the basis of which a detailed technical task will be created in accordance with all the wishes and requirements of the client how to develop a site. Our team will create a beautiful website design attractive for the target audience, take into account all the features of the corporate style, develop simple and convenient navigation for visitors, write program code, test the created resource and eliminate errors. We will optimize it for a variety of browser options, make a version for mobile gadgets and do SEO promotion.
  3. Guaranteed results on the production of sites. Website development in Kiev is our job. We take into account all the requests and wishes of customers and make adjustments to it in the process of creating the site. Our agency is always aimed at achieving the best result, fully satisfying the customer.
  4. Reasonable cost. We do not seek to “inflate” prices. They are fully justified and depend on the complexity and features of the project. At the same time, the cost of our products is quite affordable for most entrepreneurs.

Do you need to order a site? We will perfectly cope with this task!