The best-seller brands are successful for a reason. The reason behind their success is that they package their products in packaging that is eye-catching and appealing to the brain of a customer. Instinctive reactions can be triggered through beautiful packaging designs. 

The attractive colours and designs of packages trigger or sensory cues and affect our subconscious to give an opinion. This reaction of customers ends up, resulting in a boost in sales. Many elements can trigger the brain of a customer, and we are going to discuss five essential factors that the packaging suppliers in Australia adopt. 

Understanding these trigger elements can help a brand connect with the potential customers better, and they can sell more products and get increased profits in their business. Getting the right kind of packaging for any product is very important because it could make or break a business.

Stand Out

Packaging supplies Stafford are one a kind and unique and much extensive business around the area are purchasing their packages. Just covering the shelf with your products in the mall isn’t going to help in selling more products. You need to make sure that the packaging for the products are unique and catch the attention of the customers.

 One of the best ways that Stafford supplies have is that they use cusp shapes for their packaging. Cusps are shapes that trigger feelings of fear, and you get a scary feeling while looking at them. But they surely demand attention and get you attracted towards the item placed inside. The cusps shapes on the package or the logo design attract your attention, and your eye goes to the package among the rest of the items placed on the shelves.

Be Simple

A simple design for packaging is one of the best tricks to capture more customers. Packaging supplies central coast have a simple design for their packages, and they have an ample supply all over Australia. In this agitated and competitive market, having a look at a design that is calming and pleasant can give you a moment of relief and peace. It can surely give you a visual calm and trigger pleasant feelings. A simple design with a simple and subtle colour is perfect for a product that is meant for women and men in their middle or old age.

Pass the five-year-old test

Try describing in detail about your brand’s packaging and design to a 5-year-old kid and send him to find it in a store full of different products. If the kid becomes successful in finding your brand’s product and brings it back to you, then rest assured that you have made a great connection with the customers. Packaging supplies Canberra does precisely that for you by providing you with a design and package that a 5-year-old can connect to. You will be able to make an iconic connection with the purchasers, and they will keep coming back to look for your product week after week.

 Try to have a distinctive brand image. For example, you could explain to a kid to bring back a salt packet which has a girl standing with an umbrella. The kids can relate to this pretty quickly, and it will become convenient for him/her to come back with the desired item. If a five-year-old quickly identifies your packaging in no time, you can become the king of sales.

Trigger emotional engagement

Consumers purchase a product again when the packaging makes them feel something special. Food packaging supplies Melbourne is very engaging and makes the customer curious and look back at the outcome. In an office setting, when someone looks at you its only natural that you look back at them. It just triggers your inborn curiosity to find out why the person was looking at you. Same is the case with packaging. You must have noticed many packaging designs were a girl or a girl in the photo is making direct eye contact with you. Such packaging gets attention no matter what, and you are forced to look back to get into eye contact with the photo. Such packaging on the shelves gets attention and result in increasing sales of that particular product.


One of the most important functions of packaging is to protect the item that is placed inside. Packaging supplies Toowoomba provides one of the most secure and safe packagings for your products. A reliable packaging should have the ability to save the products from natural deterioration. It should be able to protect the product from water, gas, heat, cold and insects that are all over the shelves on the stores and also in the transport vehicles. 

The packaging should be able to provide physical protection to the products. They should stay safe without any breakage caused by vibration or friction. Some products have chemicals or toxins and are not suitable for younger kids. The packaging should be made in a way that it isn’t easy for kids to dispose of the packaging. If the packaging is easy to open the kids might encounter things that turn out to be harmful to them so having a safe packaging for products is essential and important.


To become a successful brand, every business needs to be distinctive in its packaging. The packaging should give out details about the product in a single glance. If the packaging is sufficient, even a glance at the package can express everything that the product can do for a customer.

 That is the power of packaging, and it can do wonders for a business and its sales. Because of the recent trend of packaging products, every big and small business are adapting to unique and attractive packaging designs. When the packaging communicates with the customers and tells them ‘’What I am ‘’ ‘’Who I am’’ and ‘’Why you should buy me’’ your half job is done there. No one can stop your brand from becoming the best brand in the town.