Read Mother' Day stories to respect and understand the sacrifice that every mother has to make for their children.

Read these short stories to your mother and learn more about their lives and feel more connected. Read about life of various mothers through these stories and celebrate them. Mothers are meant to be always loved and cherish.

StoryMirror brings such life stories of a mother and celebrate this day for all mothers.

Mother's Day - From a Mother's Point of View

This event had made me a mother, a responsible person for another being’s whole life; it was so exciting, so different from anything that I had ever experienced before in my life.

My Super Mom

My mom then wakes us up and instructs to complete our homework while my mom finishes her chores. My father returns home. Then she prepares dinner and we go off to sleep

Mother - The Protector

The combination of flashing name and the time on the screen made my heart jump into my mouth.It was my daughter’s call. "Why has she called so late at night” All possible worst scenarios flashed in my mind within the few seconds that I took to touch the screen.

A Walk Down The Memory Lane….

After breakfast, she would get ready and leave for the office. She used to walk down with a tiffin box in her purse and a black umbrella for all seasons.

A Different Mother’s Day

It was the dress of a very hard working woman; it had tell tale marks of food that she cooked for half the village without expecting anything in return.

Mother's invisible power

  My mother used to keep some puffed rice in my bag whenever I was going for business or to fetch Nimki. Such a habit of my mother was giving me torrential pain.

Me, Maa and her 'Me' date

"Maa, me date is spending time with yourself, doing things you love and pampering yourself. You're so engaged in work and household chores, taking care of me and dad.

Mom's My Superhero

So I was in my bedroom when- "BREAKFAST!" yelled mom. I yawned and got up from my bed. Mom was cooking Emerald's favourite.

My Mother's Love

My mom started telling everything she told that my body temperature was high and she became very worried so, she call a doctor but all the hospitals and all shops were closed at that time.

The Mother Tree

It was two decades ago that I germinated as a sapling in the outskirts of the village and now that the village has expanded its radius, some philanthropist built a ramp around my base and I became a prominent place to hangout.


Mum would never allow sadness to affect me. She truly was the definition of an angel. I guess every mother is an angel for their kid.

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