Trust is a funny term,
If someone decides she won't trust you, it's impossible to make her believe. No matter you give your life, your soul, your everything in relationship, it becomes a fallacy, you sometimes are compelled to think that whether being transparent to your partner is a crime.
You swear by name of your parents, your GOD, you swear on relationship bond, but still, if someone refuse to believe, you one day think, yes this is it, I won't suffer everyday, yes I might have unknowingly committed mistake in the past, but doesn't mean I should be judged on basis of that, I have committed mistake, I have learnt, I have moved on, that doesn't mean I am accusable now; it's not a crime to commit mistake , even if it's a mistake, end of the day people grow, individuals mature, and laugh and leave the matter in past.
But if your partner refuses to acknowledge your love, your commitment, your dedication towards your relationship,you try to mend, try to persuade her to see logic, but one day you lose your patience and say enough is enough, I have my self respect, I have my integrity, I have my soul and heart intact, if someone's fails to see your dedication , your commitment, then problem lies with them, not YOU.
Because end of the day, you are clear to your conscience, your own mind, that you have given your 200 percent to make it a perfect relationship.