Everyone seems to be harping on about the many reasons as to why you should be using social media for your business. It's impossible to escape the hearing buzzwords such as 'engagement' and 'influence', all in the hopes of enticing those not yet on the social media train to jump on board.

When managing a business, there is often too much work to be getting on with to worry about whether or not your have successfully observed the developments that have taken place in the online business world. It can be challenging at the very least. The online world moves so fast that even when we think we have a grasp on what may be a sure thing, just for fun, Google likes to stick out its long skinny leg and trip us up.

Not only the rate of which the online world changes, the options that are available to us are startling, and determining which of the social media platforms to use can be both time consuming and overwhelming.

This aside, the main questions to ask are; is it worth the time, effort and money involved in becoming a member of the social media world? Is it worth the money hiring a social media management?

Indeed it is and here's why.


How long might it take you to collect the required statistics in order to give your business an overall assessment of who your clients truly are? Why not just ask them yourself? Social media gives you the ability to converse directly with your customers and potential customers, in real-time, whilst determining what it is that they really want.


If your competitors are already established members of the social media world, this should be enough of a reason for you to do the same. Participating on the same platforms as your competition will not only even the playing field, it will also give you the opportunity to spy on them and see precisely what their strategies are.


Social media is a great tool to use to boost your Google page ranking. Through social networking, social bookmarking and composing and sharing quality content, you can position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. Sharing the knowledge that you have with the intention of benefiting your readers will increase the chances of your content being shared, and from this, your SEO strategy will be greatly enhanced.

Lead Generation

Building an email-marketing list can be made a lot easier once you take the social media plunge. Directing potential customers to sign up forms and landing pages can easily be done through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. Allowing you to collect data at all hours of the day and night and from people who live all over the world.


Can you recall the last time that you made a purchase because someone who you knew recommended it to you? This is one of the ways in which social media can work for your business. Sharing and retweeting are all ways that enable users to recommend particular products, services or pieces of useful information to others within their networks. It's saying, 'look at what I've just found. I think that you'll really like it too', and potential customers are more likely to buy from someone who has been recommended to them than someone who hasn't.

The list doesn't stop there, but from the five key benefits listed here, it's clear to see just why social media is beneficial for business. It encourages you to get involved with the individuals that are purchasing your product or service, and obtain truthful opinions from these people, in real-time. You are able to keep track of your competition in ways that cost less than ever before and track online discussions, so that you know what others are saying about your business.

The bottom line is that business is becoming increasingly more social. The emphasis is changing from fulfilling the wants of the business, to satisfying the desires of the consumers, and as long as you are focused on delivering what is best for the customer and are attentive to exactly how what you are offering can add value to their lives, the success that you will experience, will be nothing less than extraordinary.