Books are like water in earth and heart in human. Whenever you open book you meet your friend with them you will feel like milk in tea. Your all problems, anger and especially loneliness will end with books. Whenever you read a new book you have new friends as character of those books. Yes!!  This thoughts obviously only true book reader can relate. 

•           If you are student or you were student you probably hate those fat, big books of studies but here the books that gives you new feelings, brings you to the new world and shares all detail about characters that book have and you will also feel that you are one of those character then who will not read that and yes all this will only happen when you start reading. Reading will be your favorite hobby if you take it seriously.   

•           Firstly, Good start to read books is start with your mother language. Then slowly start with other different language’s books. It will help you in concentration because you probably know all words of your mother tongue so you don’t have to take dictionary with you and you can read much more and faster in it. That will help you in developing habit of reading.

•           For example I started reading with Gujarati books and when I was habitual with reading books then slowly read English books so it was more fun to read in different language. You can also read translated books that you have already read. I have read short stories in Gujarati so for starting reading books in English I first read that translated short-story books in English.

•           In addition to this you can start with short stories because one chapter of it is only 10-20 pages long so you can easily finish them. Once you finish short stories and if you want some more lengthy books you can start novellas they are 50-70 pages long and it is bigger than short-stories but smaller then novel.

•           I haven’t read much short-stories but ‘Malgudi days’ by R .K. Narayana and ‘Wise and otherwise’ by Sudha Murty were wonderful short-story book that I have ever read, they both are Indian writer. Other short-stories that you can read is Jules Verne’s short story – it is related to science, river of flesh, tales of Shakespeare and unhurried tales by Ruskin bond etc. 

•           Once you finish short stories and if you want some more lengthy books you can start novellas they are 50-70 pages long and it is bigger than short-stories but smaller then novel.

•           I have read only one novella by Sudha Murty :‘The mother I never knew’. The room on the roof by Ruskin bond is also one type of novella that he had written when he was 17 years old. Unhurried Tales by Ruskin Bond is very good collection of novells.

•           Finally you will have good reading habit then you can start with novel. In novel first select your favorite genres. Then you will have extra fun with those books. There are lots of genres like art, fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, philosophy etc. probably your favorite movie genre will be your favorite book genre. 

•           The first novel that I read in Gujarati was ‘Krushnayan’ by Kajal Oza Vaidha it was amazing story about god Krishna – how he felt and what was his thoughts after Yudhdha of Mahabharat. And in English I read ‘revolution 2020’ by famous Indian author Chetan Bhagat it is about Love, Corruption and Ambition. The English teacher by R.K. Narayan, 3 mistake of my life by Chetan Bhagat, The falut in our stars by John Green and Alchemist – I wanted to read all this blissful books.

•           Brief answers to the big questions by Stephen Hawking is great science book. The immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi  is best book of fantasy, fiction, culture and Asian literature. The nine chambered heart by Janice Pariat is romantic novel that you can read as beginner. One mythological book like Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman that you can read. The book thief, The fault in our starts, Harry Potter series, The Diary of a young girl by Anne Freank, Metamorphosis by Kafka this novels that I also wanted to read.

•           There are millions of books across the world they are they are created by lots of hard-work by authors and we can have something to learn from all of this books so we should read books as much as possible to increase our knowledge.