Year 2020 seems like never ending worst nightmare for mankind. Thousands of people are dying everyday due this pandemic. Almost Entire world is locked down.Factories, office, all business are closed . Collapsing economies are creating global panic. Nations are blaming each other, some people calling it WW3, some calling it Bio war. we all are facing it, fighting it. Not like soldiers fighting at war land but fighting it more in our mind. 

Basically human is social animal and this pandemic is also attacked on this basic nature of human life.  It forces us to change our basic nature, it is forcing us to live the way we are not meant for i.e. cutting social contact and just to stay in home. That has created quandary. To overcome quandary we are amusing ourselves via doing things which makes us happy like watching movies, reading, learning something new etc. But all these things are getting less enjoyable because as a human we always need some attention, some appreciation and we always wanted to share our thoughts and things with others. This need of sharing gets fulfilled through our society, through our friends and family. Sharing and connecting with people gives us sense of love and meaning of existence. 

Lock-down is stealing these senses and we are like running out of patience. But this is point where we have to keep calm and keep control on mind and to stop doing things which will harm self and society. 

This is war with our own mind, we have to believe in ourselves after all we are humans, we are greatest fighters and biggest survivor of the universe. We will come out of this difficult situation safe and sound.

The other side of this difficult time is much better and exceptionally well.

Pollution levels has gone down, rivers are flowing with clear water. There is huge improvement in recovering of depletion of ozone layer. The Earth is healing and three months before nobody believed that even this could be possible. But it is happening and Nature has showed us better ways of living. The world wide shutdown has given us glimpse of greener and cleaner future for our planet. We must change our lifestyle accordingly so to keep our earth the best place to live to all living beings.

Stay Safe!