Some cars appear very attractive and we are left wondering what made the car look so good? People have Alloy wheels installed in the vehicles that give them a very appealing look. There might be different types of wheels that people install in their vehicles. Some people spend quite a lot of money on installing alloy wheels for their cars, but is it just for the looks or is there a technical reason too?

Alloy wheels, also known as mag wheels, are made of an alloy of aluminium or magnesium and many times both. Earlier, these tyres were meant for luxury vehicles and high-end sports cars. However, since the past few years, these wheels have made their way to budget cars as well.

Some alloy wheels are forged with magnesium, which gives them greater strength and ductility. The demand for mag wheels has inflated over the past few years, urging the companies to manufacture more such wheels.


Appealing looks:

Alloy wheels look much better than their steel counterparts. The cosmetic upgrade and improved visual impact are the main reasons which compel car owners to opt for them. 

Better heat dissipation

The risk of brake failure is decreased with alloy wheels because alloys can dissipate heat better than the steel. Therefore, alloy wheels provide enhanced braking performance.

Impressive fuel economy

Because of the lightweight, alloy wheels do not consume much fuel. They increase fuel efficiency to some extent.

Less likely to corrode and rust

Since alloy wheels are usually made of aluminium, they do not rust or corrode easily. That is why they last longer than steel wheels.

A good option for tube-tyres

Alloy wheels are completely airtight and therefore are the perfect foil for tubeless tyres.

Overall better performance

Alloy wheels decrease unsprung weight and therefore transmit less inertia to the springs, thus allowing the suspension to follow the terrain more easily and improving grip. In addition to that, these tyres deliver outstanding handling, steering, and cornering performance. 


Expensive to buy, repair, and produce

The manufacturing cost of alloy wheels is higher than that of steel ones. As a result, they cost a lot, probably up to 70% more. The repair cost is also quite high.

Not as strong as steel wheels

Steel wheels are significantly stronger than the alloy ones. Alloy wheels can bend easily as compared to their steel counterparts. 

If you drive on smooth roads, and not on bumpy ones then alloy wheels can be a good option. However, these wheels are not well-suited for rough and bumpy terrains as they can get damaged easily. 

Alloy wheels do give your vehicle a very appealing look and provide overall better performance.

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