There is no denying of the fact that students with higher grades have better chances of getting accepted by the best MBA colleges, but a personal statement holds the ultimate power to change your destiny. You need to understand that there is a lot of ways to can come down with an outstanding personal statement instead of getting MBA essay writing services.

Getting Yale school of management is probably every other student’s dream, so let’s see what one of the admission directors, Rebekah Melville have to say as a piece of advice:

What we are looking for is to get a little bit deeper in the sense of who you are, what you value the most and the actions you’ve taken towards your beliefs. No one gets in on the basis of a fantastic essay, but it is another valuable piece of your application.”

We hope this clears that your grade alone will not help your application. You will also need to make a compelling personal statement. Here are a few tips for you:

¨Be yourself 

Never try becoming someone else while telling your story just because you have built a concept that your MBA admission committee wants to hear. The admission officers can easily tell when you are not honest but weaving a pleasant story. Business schools or colleges mostly look for students who understand their own strengths and weaknesses. 

¨Try being unique

Just like you, every other student must think they are best to be selected. So instead of taking stances like “I am the ideal candidate for the MBA program”, let the committee members know about your experiences. You can also talk about how this field interests you and your personal opinion. So instead of trying to convince them, give them reasons why they should select you.

¨Clearly state your goals

The MBA committee members mostly look for students who are driven. One way to show it is to state your goal clearly. Clearly, state which area you want to accomplish - leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, etc. If starting a small business is your long time goal, make sure you explain it to the committee members. And if you want to have even a better idea to get selected, try explaining how the particular school or college is the perfect fit for you.

¨Avoid repeating from your resume

The purpose of this essay is to get into the specifics of the experiences in your resume. Explain in detail what you have learned during the course and how they made you what you are today. So avoid getting lazy when writing your personal statement as the admission officers can easily identify an essay that isn’t fresh. If lack of time is the problem, it’s better to hire online MBA essay writers instead of copying and pasting.

¨Tie the past with your future

Explain in detail how your past experiences will help you in your future endeavors. Don’t worry if you did not have a chance to be having any good internship. Just ask yourself what are experienced that you’ve gained that can help you in your coming future. 

These are a few excellent tips on crafting a compelling MBA essay application without taking any help from MBA essay writing services and online essay writers.

SUMMARY: Feeling nervous before writing your MBA application essay. Read the full article to understand how to make yourself stand apart from the rest with your personal statement essay. Get to know all secret ways to win the hearts of the MBA committee members.