Every man needs to aim to keep their body in shape, both inside and out. Health is the most valuable thing you have, so you better keep it safe. The last couple of decades have shown that we aren’t exactly looking after ourselves. It’s important that you take charge of your health before it gets too out of control. Waiting until something happens isn’t the best course of action. Take things into your hands and own your health. Here’s what to do.

Cut the salt

When you’re cooking up a hearty meal, you’re always going to keep your trusty salt shaker by your side. No meal is complete without a little bit of that perfect seasoning. Salt and pepper are the only essentials, adding anything else is just compensating for bad ingredients. Salt might be the best seasoning, but it’s something you shouldn’t toy with.

Going overboard on the salt is something that will wreck your body faster than you can count your blood pressure meds. It’s the leading cause of surging blood pressure numbers in men. About one in three men will get high blood pressure from overconsumption of salt during their lifetime. Who would have thought that something as basic as salt could cause such serious problems? However, it’s something that you must change. Unless you want your heart and kidneys to give out, put the salt shaker down and stick to pepper and condiments.

Get your skin checked out

Health problems can come from the unlikeliest of sources. It’s not always dramatic and terrifying like TV shows make it out to be. They mostly sneak up on you like a snake and you don’t find out until it’s too late. The key is to have a keen eye for your body. Staying vigilant could save your life from ending prematurely.

Have you ever checked out your skin? Hardly anyone does, because why would they? If anything goes wrong, it’s going to hurt and show itself, right? Wrong. Melanoma is one thing that will absolutely catch you by surprise if it happens. The rates for melanoma in men have doubled in the past couple of decades, which is understandably worrisome. Men aren’t checking their skin for bad moles and it's costing them their lives. They're often located in hard to see places like the middle of one's back. Because of this, checking them out alone is pretty difficult. If possible, have the moles you're aware of checked out. It's a small act that could save your life.

Keep your heart healthy

Cardiovascular diseases have been the most common causes of lethal complications for both men and women. It’s estimated that around one in five men over sixty-five will have complications of heart disease such as heart attacks. It’s something you definitely want to avoid.

The numbers aren’t looking good. Around half of all US men have some form of cardiovascular disease and this is a surefire sign of problems to come. Complications are inevitable at some point and this is why it’s important that you stay several steps ahead of your own heart. 

Lots of men disregard their health issues as minor problems, but they are just letting their health decline out of stubbornness. It would be better to just man up and go for a simple heart check-up. It’s nothing special and you might be able to solve problems before they get too serious. Even if they are currently serious, they can still be solved with coronary bypass and precise pacemaker surgery interventions. As long as you do your best to take care of your heart, it’s going to return the favour and keep you feeling healthy, and most importantly, alive.

Stop toughing it out

Stress can get the best of us. No matter how headstrong you are, everyone cracks when placed under a ton of pressure. The best way to handle it isn't to just tough it out. Just like built-up pressure in a backed-up system, you need to let off some steam bit by bit until it balances out. Your brain works in much the same way and you don't want to neglect letting-off that pressure.

Studies show that men suffer from depression at a rate higher than women do. It could be due to professional or social factors, but there’s also the fact that they keep it bottled up. It’s something that they feel is expected of them, but this is a misconception. Men should be expressing their thoughts and feelings as they please. It’s something that not only helps them, but it also helps the people around them. Having mounting stress and nobody to talk to about it is extremely unhealthy and can lead to physical manifestations. Express yourself as you please and you’ll find that it will help you quite a bit.


Real men know how to take care of their bodies to keep them healthy. Making the right changes is difficult, but it's a small sacrifice compared to the benefits you get from them. Consider making these steps and you’re going to be on your way towards improving your health and staying tough as nails.