A beautiful poetry about the recent events in the society, about the blindsided success that leads to emptiness. 

He is dead

She is in jail

What went wrong

Where did they fail?

They were both middle class

In a way they were the same

Bright and intelligent

Just looking for money and fame.

They just chose the wrong set

Of people around them

So totally unaware that

It could lead to mayhem

The glitz misled them

The ‘friends’ were all fake

Dope and substance abuse

All for ‘keeping up’ sake

The big guys are out there

Having parties and fun

Who cares if families are broken

They are safe, they do not have to run

So maybe we should tell our kids

To dream and dream high

But check their own parachutes

Before they take off for the sky.

                   - vedang sakxena 

                    (ig- @thewritersbookmark)