The bathroom is now space where people spend far more time than they used to. Many designers and architects are now investing a significant amount of work to providing you with the eminent modern bathroom. The washbasin is one of the most crucial aspects of the bathroom's overall ambience. 

The ideal washbasin for your bathroom is heavily influenced by the colour scheme, size, and arrangement of the room. This article is a comprehensive guide for individuals on how to select the best wash basin for their bathroom.

Here are a few things that one needs to consider are:

Size of your bathroom: The washbasins are available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and forms. It is recommended that you get one based on the size of your bathroom. Corner washbasins are the finest alternative for tiny and tiny bathrooms. For bigger bathrooms, either a countertop basin or a pedestal basin might be used.

Location of your toilet seat and shower: This is critical since you do not want your bathroom to appear cluttered and disorganised. The basin should be positioned so that it does not interfere with the arrangement of your toilet seat and shower.

Size of the washbasin: There is no such thing as a true norm or standard size for a bathroom basin. The size you require will be determined by how much space you have in your bathroom and the style of the washbasin you select. If you're installing a basin in a cloakroom, you'll need something small. If you're installing a sink in a large family bathroom, you'll have a far wider range of sizes to choose from.

Mounting: Basins are meant to be positioned in a variety of ways, such as mounted on a wall, placed on top of a unit, freestanding, or built-in. You should also consider the type of basin waste you will want, as they are typically not included with the basin. Check the full specification page under any of our basin items to see what kind you want.

Material: It is critical to select the conventional material for the washbasin since it will decide the appearance, feel, and style that you want to bring to your area. Determine the texture, finish, and colour you like and select from a plethora of alternatives on the AGL Tile website. Ceramic is the most often used material for washbasins, with several manufacturers producing ceramic washbasins created with their particular techniques that are environmentally friendly. Some other materials are stone, metal, and glass. 

Correct Choice of Faucets: Choosing faucets for your washbasin is critical because they should complement the style of your washbasin as well as your bathroom. You will be able to select from a broad range of faucets.

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