This service industry is the most profitable and demanding. People are living hectic and busy lives, they do not prefer going out for their daily needs. Offering such services within an application is all that the customer wanted. To serve multiple services directly to the customers, developers come with an application called Gojek clone. It is a replica of Gojek; Indonesia based multi-service application. If you are new in business and want to provide multiple services to the customers, then it is recommended to Invest in multi-service app development. If you develop an application from scratch it would be very costly, to save bucks you can go with ready-made Gojek clone Source code

Services You Can Offer With Gojek Clone:

You can serve 52+ services, with just one application. These are majorly divided into 3 categories.

Ride-Hailing Services: You can start your own taxi business, Motor riding business, Car Rental business, Bike Rental business with this one application. It is the most popular and demanding business right now.  

Delivery Services: You can offer food delivery, grocery delivery, Courier delivery, and many more. You can start your delivery business with all in one application.

Other Services: You can offer a lot of services; From doctor to Lawyers, Plumber to Carpenter, Laundry to electrician, Any service you want to offer can be delivered directly to your customers.


If you are a new startup, it is recommended that you invest in the Gojek clone script as it is cheaper in comparison to building an application from scratch. Always invest in trusted app developers or app development companies.