What is Non Rare Overpriced Selling?
It's all about selling Gold Non Rare players (that are mainly used to complete SBCs) above their market value.

What budget do you need?
50-100k FUT 22 coins

What players should you use?
As most beginners don't know what exact players are used for SBCs I've tried to create a checklist for each gold non rare player that is useful for your overpriced selling list:

1. The player plays in one of the top 5 leagues
(Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1)

2. The player is from one of the following nations
England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Netherlands

3. The player is a CB, CM or ST
This positions are always part of every single SBC (avoid GKs they just don't work as good as field players)

If a player fulfils these three points, he is perfect for your overpriced selling list.

Bonus advice: if there is a LWB or RWB that fulfills 1. and 2. you can transform him into a LB or RB and you have a perfect player for your overpriced selling list because you combine the position change method + non rare overpriced selling

How many cards should you buy?
Please try to buy 100 different players.
There are so many different ways and players to complete SBCs, so with 100 different players you have 100 different chances to sell a certain player. This maximizes the probability of a sale.

How much profit per card?
Non Rare players are always very cheap, which is why you can't expect big profits from every sale. Profit here is determined by the volume of sales, which is why you tend to go for small profits, but for which you have a lot of sales.
I would recommend a profit after tax between 250-750 FUT 22 coins per card

Most important rules
1. Don't get frustrated if you don't sell a card - patience is the key
2. List your cards as often as possible and always for 1h - use companion app
3. Always make sure to have 100 different players on your transfer list
4. Always re-buy your sold cards!