Sometime back i happened to attend a global forum which was attended by intellectuals (who were in majority) and non-elite attendees  like me who were in minority.

Interestingly in one of the special and "out of box" sessions, some of the non-intellectual attendees including me, were asked to speak on a topic titled "Minority versus Majority" considering the fact that this was a burning issue in India which even decided the fate of the political parties and governments in power.

Not surprisingly nobody wanted to speak on the vexed and sensitive topic and offered some lame and silly excuses.

However i chose to speak on the so-called vexed issue with glee & enthusiasm.The gist of what i said or presented in the global forum is given below.

I am of the opinion that there are two categories or sections of people in the world.

The first category of people are those who are creative or thinkers. These are small in numbers and i designate them as creative minority. The second category of people are those who are non-creative or non-thinkers. These are very large in numbers and i designate them as   unthinking or non-thinking majority.

Every nation, kingdom or society depends on the creative minority for its progress and survival. In other words, the creative minority is responsible for the security and upliftment of unthinking masses.

A creative minority is always small in numbers but, if it is in tune with the majority, and is always trying to pull the latter up and make it advance or progress, then the gap between the two is lessened and a stable and progressive culture results.

Without the pro-active support of creative minority, a civilisation will inevitably decay. But it may also decay if the bond between the creative minority and unthinking majority is broken resulting in utter chaos and breakdown of law and order in society.

In other words, when there is no bond or agreement or understanding between creative thinkers (who are in small numbers) and non-thinkers (gullible people who are in majority), then there is a complete loss of social unity in society as a whole, whereby the creative minority itself loses its creativeness and becomes barren and sterile !