As we all know corruption issues faced in Microsoft Outlook Application, either Outlook user go to Inbuilt utility offered by Microsoft was known as “Inbox Repair Tool” or Automated Solution. In this article, we try to fix the issue faced by Microsoft users which is Microsoft outlook keeps asking to repair PST file.

However, because of its huge email service, MS Outlook is mostly known by users. And another important thing is that both organizational and personal purposes this email client can be used. There could be various reasons for this issue like a corrupt PST file or wrong configuration of Outlook. But, the most probable reason for this inconvenience is Outlook PST corruption.

Why does Microsoft Outlook Keep Asking to Repair PST file

User’s get a pop-up message “not responding” whenever to start the repair process and utility got freezes not capable to repair the input PST File. As outlook user runs the Inbox repair tool to remove minor corruption issues in PST File. I would suggest you some tips that will helps Outlook user to fix this Popup issue of the inbox repair tool.

1. File Size Issue: Common issue between outlook users comes just because of the file size of PST File. As in the Outlook application, there is a file size restriction for according to the version and while running the Scan PST Tool on large file size PST File, But inbuilt utility fails to repair the large size file and freezes with Popup message.

2. Major Corruption Issues: Sometimes because of hardware and software issues Outlook PST File get corrupts. Because Inbox utility can fix a minor corruption issue, but when the number of corrupt items stores in PST File large in number or file is highly corrupted. And just because of this scanpst.exe failed and Microsoft Outlook Inbox repair tool keeps popping up, please repair the PST file but with not responding message.

Easy way to Fix This Outlook Repair PST Issue?

Here are the tips that users should follow to Fully repair PST File so that issues of Pop up the message of Inbox repair tool can be fixed.

1. Small Size PST File should be used: Either split the PST file before using in Scan PST Tool so that inbuilt utility tool can easily run on the divided PST file.

2. Avoid Highly Corrupted PST File: Since ScanPST can fix minor corruption issues of PST file and also lead to data loss of mailbox items (header information)

3. Repair Outlook PST Tool: An Alternative Solution offered by the company that not only repair high corruption of PST File but also Outlook user’s to save data in the PST File format again without any issues. This utility can be used to extract the major corruption from the Outlook data files. Users just have to give the PST file to the utility and it will recover all the data from that corrupt file into a new PST file. Next, replace the fresh PST with the old corrupted PST file.


Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool keeps Popping Up when the Inbuilt utility fails to solve the corrupted PST file and freezes offered by Microsoft in Outlook Application. Outlook user’s need to run scanpst.exe again and again. We have given users two option to fix damaged PST File or use Outlook PST File Recovery Tool to fix corruption in PST File items and save again PST File format.