Case study assignments can be painful when it comes to using specific and well-researched details. Hence, here are some guidelines on how to write a case study.

A common mistake in assignment writing is failing to provide specific examples, evidence, or details to support the idea, which has been incorporated. In a case study, it's not enough to say that the data has been outsourced; citing the source using the said referencing style is what gets approved. Students can use as many words, images, graphs, pictures, and statistics they want to improve the quality of their paper. Still, every little detail has to be supported by the source of information.

Online case study help agencies state the adverse effects of not citing details in a case study-


As you add content in your case study, be aware that you should mention all the sources you have made use of, so record the information as you will need those for in‐text citations. Follow the style guide for proper format of citations within the text of your paper and at the end (bibliography, works cited, references page). Universities immediately suspend students if found guilty of plagiarism and zero credit for words or ideas has been included.

Quoting and Paraphrasing

Students understand that they cannot directly use material found online, copy-pasting of words, pictures, charts from the internet is a punishable offence in the academic papers. So they go for paraphrasing the related content. However, paraphrasing isn't just changing a few words in a sentence taken from another source. Unless the words or ideas are your own or they are considered general knowledge, you must cite the source of your information.

Paraphrasing allows students to use quotations, and an analysis of others’ literary work with proper credits is what they should do avoid being caught in the plagiarism checking tools. Pro tip: don’t try to quote the whole paragraph if you find it relevant. 

Citation Style

All the information used in the case study you have written with tons of efforts will be of no use if it has not been cited using the said style. Be consistent with the referencing style so that professors will approve instantly. APA, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago- these are some of the most common citation styles that universities ask students to use while working on academic papers. The specifications for in-text citation, and adding bibliography list at the end of the assignment is different in each style. Follow the exact rules and double-check all the used sources to ensure every detail has been made.

These are general information that students should keep in mind while adding detailed information in their case study assignments