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Today, the best way to become an engineer remains the engineering school. In the unconscious of many people, an engineer is a graduate of a major engineering school.

To follow this course, we recommend that you take a Scientific Baccalaureate and then complete 2 years of preparatory classes. Then you can take the competitive exam to enter an engineering school.

Engineering schools  

The first engineering schools appeared in India at the end of the 19th century. Some engineering schools are now over 150 years old, such as the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, College of Engineering, Pune.

There are currently 3,415 accredited engineering schools in India. Some schools are only specialized in one area (agronomy, civil engineering, IT, etc.). Others are more generalists but still offer to choose a specialty, often in the last year.

Here are the most common specialties in engineering schools:

  • Agronomy, agrifood and agriculture

  • Aerospace and Transportation

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Environment

  • Electric and automatic

  • Generalist

  • Civil engineering and building

  • Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Materials

  • Military

  • Mechanics and production

  • Physics, telecommunications and optics

The course of an engineering school training generally lasts 5 years after the baccalaureate. School training lasts 3 years and is generally preceded by 2 years of preparatory classes.


Online training  

Even if the engineering school remains the surest way to become an engineer. More and more online sites offer interesting training courses to specialize from home in certain areas of engineering. These online courses are commonly known as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Among the sites offering MOOCs related to engineering, it is much easier to find courses on software engineering or web development. Even if today some learning platforms are also oriented towards the scientific field.

Here is a list of online sites with interesting engineering courses:

  • Udemy (Generalist)

  • Pluralsight (Software development)

  • KhanAcademy (Sciences and Mathematics)

  • FreeCodeCamp (Software development)

  • edX (Generalist - Engineering)  

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Becoming a freelance engineer, the future of engineering?  

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