It is quite understandable to feel frustrated when you want to print something important and your printer is showing an offline status even though it is turned on. However, this is not such a big issue as it can be solved easily by following some simple tips. You can take the help of this guide to turn your HP printer online:

  • HP printers come up with a free tool, named HP Print and Scan Doctor which helps you to diagnose and resolve the common printing issues. By downloading HP Print and Scan Doctor, you can get to know about various issues like if the scanner is unreachable, the printer is not able to detect the computer’s command or if the printer driver is corrupted.
  • You can also try to reset or reinstall the printer driver. Sometimes, the printer driver gets corrupted or the printer driver settings get changed. You can update the settings again and if this doesn’t work, then reinstall the printer driver to resolve the issue.

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