It's essential to take care of your mental health when moving to college; why? Because the place will be new and so will the people and experiences be. You will have to make decisions on your own and get acquainted with the pressure college tosses at you. 

Undoubtedly, the most exciting, memorable, yet challenging time of life is the college years. Though many are high-spirited during college times, let's be frank, some do face struggle. So many college students struggle to maintain work-life balance, not to surrender to the influence of getting involved in drugs and alcohol, feeling of homesickness, anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness and what not! 

Any such instance can place college students at a possibility of mental illness. And, to avoid so, here's an attempt to prevent any mental health issues that students face. Below are some good mental health tips for college students so that they come out of university all happy and cheerful - and of course, with a degree!

Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health in College:

Don't be too Harsh on Yourself 

Your thoughts are the ones that can make you or break you. So, it's super important to analyze your thoughts. See if your thoughts are adding more positivity or negativity to your life. Be true to yourself but don't be too harsh. Treat self with humbleness, respect and stay away from self-criticism and self-judging. Everything can fall flat if you keep on judging and rebuking yourself. 

Cultivate Good Habits

Aristotle once said, '' Good Habits Formed at Youth Make All the Difference'', and we couldn't agree more. One must develop habits like sleeping early and waking up early, exercising regularly and eating nutritious food daily. Such habits are effective to reduce stress and anxiety. The changes could sound a little overwhelming in the beginning, but they have the potential to change your whole life. 

Take a Break from Normal Routine

One should always involve themselves in doing activities that make them feel refreshed and cheerful. Probably, going on a road trip, walking on the beach, trying a new restaurant or going to a movie, whatever makes you feel good. All such activities will help in rejuvenation and give a break from the usual schedule. Plus, it would also make you all pumped up from getting back to the regular schedule again. 

Avoid Engaging in Drugs and Alcohol

Substances like drugs and alcohol help cope with signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Especially when the times are challenging due to Covid-19, the number of people shifting towards drugs and alcohol are rising, causing some raised concerns for health care professionals. Keep yourselves away from engaging in such practices, rather involve in practising mindfulness and eating healthy. 

Don't Shy Away from Asking for Help

You should never feel shy about asking for help - You feel like you need to talk to someone about your life - You think everything is going awry - Or you solely need a friend, TALK IT OUT! Get some support by talking to a therapist. There's nothing shady in talking about your mental health, and talking to someone who is trained to speak to others will help you overcome a thought that's stuck in your mind or accept the change you are going through. 

Dealing with Depression

You feel like nothing matters, don't feel like doing anything, you have an urge to be productive, but you cannot concentrate, or you are scared of failure, then that's a wake-up call. Depression comes with a lot of different signs and symptoms. Don't try to wear a facet of happiness and act like you are strong; do seek help if you feel depressed. Going to the therapist is the best thing you should consider doing. 

Partake in Extracurricular

College campuses in today's time have facilities that support student focus on their personality development and have fun at the same time. Students should become part of several clubs that college have like dance club, music club etc. Also, they should attend events or workshops planned for them. Many reputed colleges like Marwadi University have started such initiatives like student clubs, happiness workshop etc for the mental well-being of their students. 

Hey, there! Feel like things aren't going well, then take charge of yourselves - seek help - and - bounce back!