When was the last time you checked the plumbing system in your house? You might not even remember, because that is the thing with plumbing, no one thinks about it until something goes wrong. 

No matter big or small, whenever you’re facing any issue with the plumbing system in your place, or require a regular maintenance service, you can look for residential plumbing services, and get an expert hired. 

Just like all the other machineries or electric systems in your place, plumbing also needs regular care. If you don’t care to clean your taps or ignore if the water is flowing properly or not, you are creating huge trouble for yourself. And, the biggest threat to the plumbing system in your home is none but you. 

The following are a few things that might be ruining your home’s plumbing. 

  • Flushing Foreign Items

The toilet in your place is not a trash can, hence, it shouldn’t be treated as one. Especially, if you have kids in your place, you need to be extra careful of what is being flushed down the toilets. 

To protect your plumbing, and avoid clogging of grains, do not flush foreign objects such as baby wipes, sanitary pads, paper towels, etc. Also, make sure to teach your kids that no such items should be put in the toilet. 

  • Excess Use of Drain Cleaners

Blocked drains can happen anytime. Of course, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible and want the water flowing properly, but it doesn’t mean you’ll pour as much drain cleaner as you like. 

There are various drain cleaners that contain hazardous chemicals and result in corrosion if used excessively. Do not forget to read the instructions and use the right cleaner for the sink and toilets. 

The best way to deal with blocked drains is to hire one of the best residential plumbing companies and get it fixed by an expert. 

  • Trying DIY Methods

Using DIY methods is usually fine, and hiring a plumber can cost an arm and a leg, so trying to fix smaller plumbing issues by yourself is alright. But that doesn’t mean you can fix everything on your own. 

After all, there's a reason why plumbers can be expensive - they have gone through lots of training, understood the technicalities of the plumbing world, studied which solution works for what problem, and so on. All those years they spent on being an expert in the field, and when you try to use DIY techniques for major plumbing issues, you’re just making it worse. 

  • Putting Grease in the Drain

Yes, you want to clean your utensils just after cooking something sizzling and delicious, but all the grease collected in the pan may end up ruining the drains when you put them under water immediately. 

All you have to do is let it cool down, scrape it off, and dispose of it in the garbage can. Many times, people ignore this and directly put the pan which makes the fat from the grease coat the pipes and build up over time, which eventually causes a huge clog. 

  • Ignoring Freezing Pipe Precautions

If you live where temperatures dip below freezing, you might be aware of how the pipes also get frozen. It’s essential to take proper measures to prevent water from freezing in your pipes, which can cause them to expand and burst.

You can properly insulate your home’s crawl space and the exposed outdoor pipes to avoid freezing, and also consider leak alarms and heat tape. Moreover, be sure to inspect the pipe insulation regularly.

Bottom Line

So, take care of your plumbing system properly, check it regularly, and for any issue, get in touch with an expert plumber for the best residential plumbing services. Avoid the above things, and enjoy free flowing and clean water all year round. A regular maintenance will also help you maintain a hygienic environment in your place.